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70 Short Changed (2009-02-07)

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0:00:20Settling on Thursday & Sunday schedule; JCD rant on SEC incompetence in the face of Bernie Madoff’s operation, Martha Stewart’s sell alert on $45,673, six orders of magnitude difference, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority head from 2006-2009 Mary Shapiro now SEC Chair, JCD: “how is this change?”; Geithner Plunge Protection Team meeting; Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board with “corporate America and then two token economists thrown in”
0:18:10Mary Schapiro Duke Energy and Kraft conflicts of interest; ACC smoking gun: October 6 2008 Federal Reserve press release: beginning to pay interest on reserve balances; 2000 crash and DoJ Microsoft investigation, peak oil and oil price spike
0:28:40politifact Obameter “sunlight before signing” five-day delay promise, $3k tax credit for businesses that add job; Obama “ignorant muthafuckas like you” audio book clips; Christian Bale Terminator Salvation rant
0:37:17Smart grid conspiracy theories; Australian 115°F heat wave, JCD: “the car steering wheel becomes red hot”, CVC’s snow penis, half a meter of snow in Wales, impossibility of clearing walled single-lane roads in Cornwall, no “stay home” announcement; Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson: Gordon Brown “one-eyed Scottish idiot”, BBC radio’s £460M annual budget
0:46:51JCD predicts marijuana decriminalization, DEA raiding medical marijuana dispensaries in California contrary to Obama campaign promise, former lobbyist Attorney General Eric Holder, DEA refusing to allow University of Massachusetts to grow marijuana for research; Pushing Daisies’ Obama-bot Anna Friel
0:54:33ACC’s “above-normal fractal recognition capability”, rose-colored glasses, “it’s when you take them off”, JCD: “crackpot visionary”, Tim O’Reilly’s GNN Global Network Navigator
1:01:45California furlough due to $42bn budget shortfall; Bill Gates TED talk mosquito release violating ban on importing disease vectors; Bush 43 300k acre Acuifero Guarani aquifer investment in Paraguay; salmonella-tainted FEMA peanut butter, “I’m a battery for the new world order” T-shirts, heaping shame on Peanut Corporation of America’s Stewart Parnell
1:11:38ACC predicts February 13 market crash; JCD on each cycle being different from all others; 1890-era innovation boom; ACC’s Marshall & Kapner’s Understanding Swaps book, kudos to Madoff whistleblower Harry Markopolos, yachts with two helicopters, Amsterdam police one-man submarine; Microsoft saved by Apple CP/M card, GEM GUI
1:25:36Flight 1549 edited NTSB version from listeners, Sully’s “1539” and tower’s “1529”, Airbus fly-by-wire FADEC Fully Authorized Digital Engine Controller, no warning bells in cockpit except for final stall warning, 30 Bank of America executives on board
1:33:20Outro: jingles for next show, PayPal show account, ACC: “disconnecting the batteries of the New World Order”