Call Clooney!

709 Terror Factory (2015-04-02)

Show 709 album art
0:00:00ACC: “A little less jingles, really?” (1:08:32)
0:00:33Mysterious “booms” in California and Washington
0:01:59National {Child Abuse Prevention, Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention, Donate Life, Cancer Drug Bonanza Control, Fiscal Capability} Month; March 30 Education & Sharing Day; World Autism Awareness Day; Risperdal gynecomastia
0:10:18Religious Freedom Restoration Act “national outcry”, “Republicans hate gays” meme aimed at LGBBTQQIAAP community, Tim Cook Facebook post for the fanboys; GLAAD on anti-gays’ “Satanic influence” accusations; Letterman weighs in; JCD: next, appearance discrimination
0:22:50Robert Menendez, Florida eye surgeon Salomon Melgen friendship vs bribery, JCD: “he’s a US Senator who likes hookers … that’s a stunner”; Harry Reid’s departure; Steve Wynn, Joe Francis casino tab feud, Francis’ Girls Gone Wild T-shirt as legal release
0:32:05George Soros cancels April 15, Six-Week Cycle, Berkeley speaking engagement; Soros prepared to invest $1bn Ukraine; IMF sanctions on Ukraine, 300% gas price hike; The World is Not Enough: “I’m trying to build an 800-mile pipeline through Turkey … and you, Mr. Bond, have come all this way to tell me that I might be in danger?”; Little House on the Prairie; Brzezinski: Ukraine as part of EU, not NATO; Greece to run out of cash by April 9, Russia steps in; Sir Gene’s proposed Russia trip, JCD on Hermitage Museum’s deteriorating/fake holdings, JCD: “I got as close to it as I could to see if I could smell the paint”
0:45:44Germanwings war on crazy; bogus initial “emergency, emergency” reports; inaudible breathing sounds and door alarm, nonexistent autopilot beep; Régis Le Sommier on “final seconds” video, “we don’t have the video”, Today Show: “incredibly poor taste” to show it to a reporter, slippery definition of “real”; Jan Cocheret predicted crash two months ago
0:58:40Producer Segment: 708 art by John Fletcher, “internet!” scream; “send your cash” rap
1:13:40ACC’s CD-less Über sources: Nigerian driver predicts Goodluck Jonathan defeat, $270M monthly from “off-OPEC” oil; Syrian driver: Sunni-Shia war, Farsi empire to balance Saudis; new economic hit man: Iran to balance Saudi Arabia & Turkey, centrifuges in series vs parallel
1:29:30Absurd cadence by Turkey shooting correspondent; Molly Wood to NPR, Hak5
1:34:15DIA’s Michael Flynn on “policy confusion”; CBC caller: The Terror Factory (CotD)
1:42:04Obama’s to visit Jamaica, Red Book: terrorist cruise ship attack; ripped jeans, Sneaker Pawn
1:47:39Reading from Ted Kaczynski’s 1971 “unnamed essay”: “creative nonconformity”; News Hour on unconscious racism, “not the way that 51% are showing it”, quickness-to-shoot test
1:54:57Earth Hour Pocoyo preschooler cartoon; Earth Hour lights-out; Atlanta school cheating racketeering convictions, “illegal activity in the guise of a legitimate enterprise”
2:01:58Executive Order 13694 Blocking the Property of Certain Persons Engaging in Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities; producer note: “Russian” Vikingdom2015 attack on Maine .gov websites originating from; Chicago P.D. GPS “reverse the signal”
2:13:58Donation Segment: JCD on inadvertent PC Magazine deal-queering
2:29:42Let’s Get Social trifecta for end of show
2:31:18And Now Back to Real News: Andrew Getty two-to-the-head “traumatic injury to rectal area”
2:33:16Senators to FIFA: ditch Russia for 2018, switch to natural turf; AVON 39 moral self-licensing
2:36:57Warren hounded by Savannah Guthrie, “I’m not running, and I’m not going to run”, Lauer: “Darius, I don’t think she’s running”; Carly Fiorina’s “more than 90%” chance of running, government workers who “watch porn all day” and get paid the same