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708 Power & Gossip (2015-03-29)

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0:00:00JCD: “With like their arms straight down and they’re real stiff and they’re just bug-eyed.”
0:00:35New bat signal providers Pushbullet & Pushover
0:03:08ACC: “breaking news, the Germanwings pilot had a club foot and narcolepsy”; torn-up doctor’s notes, “psychological autopsy”, vision problems an SSRI side-effect; Airbus dyslexic evasion maneuver change; TCAS “pull up! terrain!” vs “the only cockpit noise, the sound of the co-pilot breathing normally”; Andreas Lubitz’ “torn-up sick notes”; Germanwing air crew who won’t fly A320; Mayor: “there’s no proof so far that the media are what really happened”; Boeing’s News Hour sponsorship, “in-depth, independent journalism”; backstory fix: European Aviation Safety Agency recommends two-person cockpit rule; three ADSP entries, register 40 flight management control data, altitude control 38k vs 96 feet in final frame; Large Hadron Collider, bank investigators theories
0:35:41Dinner with banker: “capitalism is gossip and power”; Walter Winchell father of modern gossip journalism, biographer: “that empowers you”; Winchell: “Mr. and Mrs. North and South America and all the ships at sea, let’s go to press”; Paul Harvey on 60 Minutes; JCD: The Wendy Williams Show gossip tour de force; politicians as celebrities; Alex Jones: “for twenty-plus years they’ve had glow-in-the-dark dogs you can buy, they’re part jellyfish!”
0:55:46“Man overboard” e-mail: “the tone of your show seems to angry”
1:00:14ACC Über intelligence network update: Kashmiri driver on MH370 “disappeared”
1:04:13Producer Segment: DEA “sex parties” in Colombia;; Easter $45.15
1:22:18Ukrainian official suicides; Boston bombing veteran police officer shot in face
1:24:30P5+1 Iran negotiations’ impact on Syria; Charlie Rose interview with “dictator of Syria”, “every dialogue is a positive thing”, “there is no direct communication”; Iranian nuclear expertise; backgrounds of P5+1 negotiators, Mohammed El-Baradei of International Crisis Group, Wendy Sherman of Albright Stonebridge Group; Saudi “Decisive Storm” coalition, Boom Bust predicted Houthi crisis as Saudi Arabia threat, Sana’a bombing, Houthi capital in Aden, shipping chokepoint, Djibouti drones; News Hour resurrects chemical weapons meme
1:46:26Ted Cruz candidacy: Gwen Ifill’s sneering “as if”; Bill Maher vs actual clip on “my music taste changed on 9/11”, win for country radio, country music writing songs vs benefit concerts, Ebony’s Jamilah Lemieux: “nothing says let’s go kill some Muslims like country music”
1:58:02Oakland Zoo program for patrons to bring food for animals: “fruits and veggies”; Europeans opposed to feeding chickens insects; Ghent “veggie Thursday”
2:08:23Massive Dutch power outage; producer note on Irish water: citizens fighting smart meters
2:11:50Bowe Bergdahl backgrounder, “great question” about jail time, Pentagon to avoid jail time
2:15:18Weekly Hooker Report: H.Con.Res.29, climate change makes women “vulnerable to situations such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage”
2:18:25Budget to reduce deficit by cutting health benefits, not military
2:19:55Jade Helm 15 exercise, Seed Man’s previously-published “secret document” (CotD); JCD on “frozen” agoraphobics at Andronico’s; the “I hate whales” gambit
2:25:33Donation Segment
2:41:24Chinese Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, renminbi as reserve currency; everyone all-in on BRICS; DH Unplugged on bogus Chinese numbers creeping toward reality; ACC on huge Austin bank buildings; Obama podcast on payday loans: “protecting Americans’ paychecks”; APR comparison: 391% vs credit card 965% vs utility bill 1203%