Call Clooney!

707 Bandwich (2015-03-26)

Show 707 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Where’s the FBI?!” (2:16:12)
0:00:33Heinz-Kraft merger, “Warren Buffet loves food … now you can add mac & cheese to the list”, 33% stock price boost
0:03:02No Agenda ahead of the media identifying Bowe Bergdahl as a deserter; Susan Rice former employee of Ted Cruz’ wife; The View hysterics over Cruz’ former dual citizenship, Whoopi Goldberg: “are you talking for the Cuban sahd, or the white sahd?”
0:12:58Richard Quest Germanwings crash comeback; pilot leaving flight deck; Rachel Maddow blames Bush for reinforced doors, hijacker theory, ACC: “that is as likely as me being able to fix you of your lesbianism”, two-person cockpit protocol; anonymous officials in NYT story; JCD’s DisplayPort woes, ACC’s aviation forums; missing “memory card” from armored data recorder that can withstand 7200 g’s, sounds of breathing
0:33:51Airbus 320 fly-by-wire, Paris air show crash, autonomous pitch decrease, Boeing vs Airbus, cockpit fumes incident; no more flight engineers; automatic descent “button”; ACC: “aviate, navigate, communicate”; historical five deliberate crashes; Merkel & Hollande at site; CT scanner delete key adding zeroes to dosage; Eurocopter Windows NT in-flight reboot; JCD’s Ford Sync crash and two-hour reboot; France to limit cash transactions to €1000
0:54:35Maddow “these nude tails”/“these new details”, Crystal Gayle “newest tits”/“newest hits”
0:58:03Producer Segment: JCD on useless DisplayPort FAQ
1:06:41Bowe Bergdahl’s attorney a massive “I can’t tell you” dud on News Hour
1:10:51Monsanto consultant Patrick Moore declines to drink “not dangerous to humans” glyphosate, “you’re a complete jerk”; tough interview stories; Bill Maher to mother of five children: “they’ll be takers of water”, Kissinger’s “useless eaters”; “biotech fruits and vegetables” approved by FDA, WHO study linking Roundup to cancer; Cartagena Protocol vs USAID; suicides in India
1:26:04Caliphate: Carter Ham on “corrupted” social media information; NCIS military social media episode; expanding military budgets; new AUMF with three-year sunset clause, Dempsey: “derived from the fact that we will have a new President”; MIT pre-ISIS Twitter analysis
1:40:50Lawrence Ferlinghetti on Silicon Valley types: “bags full of money and no manners”, “fogeys gonna foge” comment; Norman Lear’s 15 Central Park West condo; Facebook positioning itself as news site: full circle to AOL, MTV’s AOL keyword
1:49:31Proposed Irish water bill garnishment, fees, penalties
1:53:48Candidate to replace Andrew Jackson on the twenty: Margaret Sanger
1:56:57Donation Segment
2:05:08Obama to secure legacy “by hook or by crook”, Carolyn Maloney: “he saved the internet”
2:10:26Net neutrality and Comcast/Time Warner; White House Expanding Broadband Deployment memo; absurd FCC E-Rate “bandwich” requirements; Philly school ransomware incident
2:22:04TWiT Brick House bomb threat; Dutch Über office raid; Jordanian Über driver: female UAE pilot shot down “burning man” Jordanian pilot; downside of taxi/limo back seat
2:27:10Angelina Jolie now has ovaries yanked; Danish documentary on Gardasil dangers
2:31:06Lanza home demolished, contents incinerated; Utah to reinstate backup firing squad, Silicon Valley “sure!” response to question, No Agenda firing squad game show
2:38:03State lottery money for education a replacement, not a supplement; Dutch postal code lottery
2:42:48For Sunday: China crisis; John Hamm rehab to promo Mad Men
2:45:02Abby Martin at ZDay: “I don’t just wanna react to mainstream media’s circlejerk of fuckery”