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706 Scrub In! (2015-03-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “It’s kind of like the herpes of computers.” (2:40:22)
0:00:35California’s impending lack of water story Los Angeles Times clickbait
0:03:37iPhone fingerprint setup vs Global Entry five-second four-finger scanner; explosives felon passing through TSA Pre✓; Dublin and other locations doing customs work pre-boarding; SxSW survivors hitting Über drivers up for weed; Über, Lyft airport deals
0:18:18Mont Saint-Michel re-islandification by sea level rise “super tide”; Patrick Moore on Greenpeace position: “humans as the enemies of the earth”, “we are in an ice age called the Pleistocene”; Executive Order to “maintain Federal leadership in sustainability and greenhouse gas emission reductions”, “Green Button data access system” Megan Smith video: “I’m sorry I can’t be with you guys to scrub in on this so important topic”, “instigation job”, JCD: “is she having a conversation yet?”, “datapalooza”, “contest launching excetera”; fuel cell, modular nuke mandate
0:45:27No proclamation for Down’s Syndrome Day; Kurdish female ululating, Fletcher “rubblize!”
0:50:08Producer Segment
1:00:40Weekly Hooker Report: North Carolina ethics law says sexual favors not reportable gifts
1:04:51Napolitano apology for “we don’t have to listen to this crap” about protesting students; cheating high school students in India, Saudi Arabia treats women better than India
1:17:57Germany Economy Minister not big on TTIP; German intelligence service BND’s €1bn new facility, sabotage, water damage; Five Eyes: Germany wants in; RT to Jeff Rathke: “why is it that US exercises do not raise tensions?”; A.N.S.W.E.R. on exercises “surrounding Russia”
1:28:01Stephen Cohen on Ukraine: “anybody who was going to tamper with this delicate balance … either had an evil deed on his or her mind, or didn’t know history”, “proxy American-Russian war”, No Agenda name for Cold War II, “fog of war” = misinformation, American WWI propaganda, Edward Bernays, JCD: “the only guy that mentions our show is Leo”, Cohen: “it comes down to the fact that the facts are all bad, and dangerous, and getting worse”
1:50:38Dr. Pepper native ad with 104-year-old woman, “she fell in love with the soft drink’s trademarked 23 flavors when she was in her sixties”, ACC: “the CEO is there!” (CotD); Mexico buys four-minute James Bond script rewrite, “see that, North Korea, no need to hack, just cut a check”; Apple’s “top secret” exercise lab, ACC: “human resource: time to stand!
2:01:38New spokeshole Jeff Rathke on Iran talks: “we’re … focused on getting a good deal”
2:04:07ISIS using cute animals and merch for recruitment, ACC: “an ISIS hoodie would be nice”
2:07:56Charlie Rose to female reporter: “next time, dinner and a warm fire, Nora”
2:10:03Donation Segment: e-mail from former Adam Lanza friend
2:20:18Netanyahu on US security vs Israel survival; 137 dead in “Islamic State Group” Yemen bombings; “Ash” Carter grilled by Walorski on climate change vs budget as top threat
2:30:54Google AdSense terms and conditions as “lawful content” preview
2:36:39Bloomberg going after Kaspersky over legal director Igor Chekunov’s FSB contacts, “cyber isolationism”, JCD: revenge for Stuxnet reveal
2:40:36British Cottonelle “loo paper” advertisement “so you can go commando”
2:42:20Ezili Dantò on Clintons using Haiti as “their private asset to liquidate”, ACC: “the Clintons are going to start whacking people pretty soon”
2:47:15Venezuela declared a threat by Executive Order
2:50:20Police resignation over Chicago’s Hommen Square “black site”, civil rights lawsuit