Call Clooney!

705 Lying Weasels (2015-03-19)

Show 705 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Some skank from the hood.” (1:50:00)
0:00:33New Dutch listeners, ACC the Dutch media distraction; Perfect365 insta-selfie-makeover app
0:05:58No proclamation for Registered Nurse Day; iOS mixed language woes; Italian tampon non-use
0:10:11Senate sex trafficking bill dead in the water over abortion provision; JCD on three-year Berkeley prostitution legalization window; European historical attitudes
0:19:20Iran and Hezbollah off the state-sponsored terror list due to “formatting change”, John Bolton: “the people who would say this is a format change are weasels”, “lying weasels”; Cotton vs Kerry on legally binding or not; Mike Mullen fears Iran more than ISIS; Kerry all-in on negotiating with Assad, Psaki doing White House damage control; Brennan to Charlie Rose on coalition “moving Assad and his ilk out”; NewsHour Syria backgrounder, ACC: “B-roll bonanza”; Tikrit “piles of concrete rubble”, “bomb them into the Stone Age” meme
0:39:55Protesters trying to burn new European Central Bank building, Spanish bank runs; EU “peacekeepers” to Eastern Ukraine; Russia’s PR firm, JCD on Pearson cloning tech books
0:49:59Producer notes on CCRAP PARCC test “glitches”; ISIS recruiting in sign language
0:52:57Producer Segment: Boston’s 108.6 inches of snow, Vanuatu cyclone, State of Fear setting
1:07:55Washed-up towlette possibly from MH370
1:09:00Goofy Ashton Carter introduction; Fresh Prince of Bel-Air lyrics on C-SPAN call-in
1:13:15American Association for the Advancement of Science signups, Gulf of Mexico survey
1:14:53Netanyahu election victory after media’s standard “too close to call” run-up, “Gallup-NBC” poll, Vegas bookie model; Obama mandatory voting comment; Office of Administration now FOIA-proof, JCD on journalists: “we’re not Hemingway”
1:27:08First Look tl/dr story on FBI agents’ taped comments from Christopher Lee Cornell episode; editor needed for Greenwald’s overly-verbose style; Snowden at SxSW
1:35:44DEA’s Michele Leonhart on heroin coming from Mexico
1:38:28Civil forfeiture lesson in The Mysteries of Laura, Rosetta Stone native ad; The Magic of Science Gardasil native ad: “firecrotch?!”
1:41:58Donation Segment: ACC & CVC early return flight; dropped by AdSense
1:53:48Psaki on “ludicrous” accusations of coup attempt in Venezuela, “as a longstanding policy the United States does not support political transitions by non-Constitutional means”, Matt Lee: “how longstanding is that?”, “touché”, ACC’s fencing career
1:59:43Second Half of Show: Obama responds to Jimmy Kimmel question on Area 51: “the aliens won’t let it happen, you’d reveal all their secrets; they exercise strict control over us”; Obama train of thought derailment on Sandy Hook and gun laws, “there are neighborhoods where it’s easier for you to buy a handgun, and clips, than it is for you to buy a fresh vegetable”, “have machineguns in bars” (CotD); Texas open carry passed
2:11:42San Francisco church evicting the homeless by dumping water on them, “needles and condoms”
2:15:54Upcoming Supreme Court gay marriage ruling as States rights issue
2:19:14Oil stockpile space running out, hedge rollover, possible second crash; Reagan-era Saudi production pullback led to loss of market share; Arnie Gundersen “Chernobyl on steroids” article over proposed Westinghouse AP1000 reactor in Ireland, Sir Atomic Rod weighs in
2:27:40Boston bombing trial continues, sans bomb placement video
2:28:46Dr. Joseph Roche the latest Mars One “man overboard”, ten-minute Skype interview
2:31:38Kraft Mac & Cheese recall; write-off accounting tricks; JCD recipe for Sunday