Call Clooney!

702 Toddler Wage Gap (2015-03-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “You’d go in pretty far with the, with your, hose.” (2:20:39)
0:00:33International Women’s Day; dementia leading cause of death in women; women only get 23 hours because of Daylight Saving Time; Sheryl “Donna” Sandberg on “toddler wage gap”
0:05:44One-year MH370 anniversary; new report exposing expired beacon battery, “computer glitch”; JCD to Boeing engineers: who’s the worst carrier
0:09:03ACC in Rotterdam; No Agenda travel tip: special order meal; CVC’s kickass internet; proxy servers into Netflix; House of Cards big data nosedive into the toilet
0:18:02European ISIS propaganda; arrested Al Jazeera reporter cut off on News Night
0:22:27“Shocking” Ferguson memos; DoJ refutes “hands up”; Van Jones to Pooper: “we’ll never know what happened”, “white and watching” construction workers; JCD roundtable talk show analysis, Washington Week in Review single-expert vs Fox opinionated group
0:32:20Agenda 21: Sheldon Whitehouse’s insider investments in big oil; slamming Inhofe: “or you can believe the Senator… with the snowball”, “predictions … as they increasingly come true”; Bill Nye gushing over Monsanto: “when you’re in love you want to tell the world”; Brian the Gay Crusader’s $50 per year American Association for the Advancement of Science membership; Amy Goodman: snowstorms “extreme weather driven by climate change”; James Gleick 1985 NYT article on NYC as Daytona Beach in a century
0:49:08300k deaths in Sudan, JCD: “where’s Clooney?”; Clooney divorce gossip
0:51:10Producer Segment: JCD’s oatmeal recipe in the show notes
0:58:56LegitScript domain name registrar extortion, “illegitimate websites”
1:06:43Anti-bullcrap, not anti-science; Gardasil marketing “pre-cancerous” campaign of terror; One More Girl movie Dr. Diane Harper on 95% of HPV infections clearing spontaneously; Lucija Tomljenovic on links between Gardasil and multiple sclerosis, encephalomyelitis; Vaccine Compensation Act; new “biosimilar” Neupogen clone, similarity to Marvin Gaye lawsuit; JCD’s “I got nothing” for show title; $100k per year cancer drug
1:22:26Dallas “possible hate crime” Ahmed Al-Jumaili killing, ACC: “when it snows we get really confused in Texas”; Jesús “Chuy” Garcia on Rahm “pay to play” Emmanuel Chicago Tribune post-exposé endorsement, Garcia promising to end “red light ripoff”; Emanuel-Garcia Sun-Times “dead heat”; Emanuel ad: “I own that” on being a jerk; teacher’s union rep quoting Emanuel: “25% of these kids are never going to be anything”; veterinary HMOs; Harrison Ford’s emergency audio: “53178, engine failure, immediate return”
1:39:26Donation Segment: “pigs in human clothing”, Kill la Kill not Archer; “certainly” = Siri
1:54:49Dutch news: Jihadi John the kidnapper; terrorism fund to be handed out by Kerry; ISIS bulldozing Nimrud; Denmark debating including Muhammad cartoons in education, New York City school calendar Muslim holidays; eliminating foreign accents, working with Windows 3.1
2:06:25Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken’s Obama milieu Josh Earnest cadence; Susan Rice exaggerating last word or phrase; Clinton Global Initiative money story buried; Tony Rodham gold mining in Haiti in new Peter Schweizer book
2:14:27FBI mosque infiltrator instructed to sleep with Muslim women, slapped with restraining order; Brennan on CIA “covering the entire universe”, Directorate of Digital Innovation
2:18:24Another Bakken crude derailment in Illinois, JCD on fighting oil fires; flammable American architecture; RT on Saudi oil production undercutting domestic; chemical plants near refineries, JCD’s giant bag of ammonium nitrate, ACC’s homemade flash paper