Call Clooney!

701 Oatmeal (2015-03-05)

Show 701 album art
0:00:00ACC: “This is Radio…”, vocal sound effects (0:47:15)
0:00:36JCD drinkin’ on the job; Podcast Awards, postproduction; Apollo Twin software update
0:10:18Cal Thomas: “everything is right on schedule” for “end times”; Texas ice storm school closings; Jeff Sessions grills Gina McCarthy on soil moisture, hurricanes: “well Mr. Chairman I’ll just say that this is a stunning development, that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency … doesn’t know if their projections have been right or wrong”
0:24:06Women’s History Month, International Women’s Day, National Consumer Protection Week for consumer bill of rights, National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, JCD: “we’re still living in the dark ages of medicine”, JCD oatmeal how-to
0:34:09Smoking gun Boston bomb placement video finally revealed as fabrication; Tsarnaev’s attorney’s anti-death penalty agenda; store CCTV in the media, “there was other video shown today, simply too graphic to show you”; Hollywoodification of terrorism, Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch; ACC disses Radiolab (again), JCD on same-building remote at Tech TV
0:49:29Royce to Nuland on Andrew Lack returning to NBC from “defunct” Broadcast Board of Governors “after six weeks on the job”; Sharpton’s $750K salary revealed in Byron Williams lawsuit, “it’s racist to even believe that Al Sharpton is go-to person”, legal extortion by “the least expensive negro”, “give him fifty thousand and a bucket of chicken”
1:04:04Producer Segment: Top Ten Gentlemen’s Club with Alex Jones DJ
1:20:49ACC off to Rotterdam
1:23:35South Korean Ambassador Mark Lippert slashed
1:26:55Snowden’s bungie-cord extraction
1:28:34CSI: Cyber: “any crime involving electronic devices is by definition cyber”
1:35:13Hunter Biden’s boss Ihor Kolomoyskyi financing 13 of the Ukrainian military; Dana Rohrabacher to Nuland: “hey, it’s not your time”, Nuland’s endearing smile trick; Dutch MH17 findings report: Russian buk missile, RT refutation
1:51:32HSBC insiders in BBC; Netanyahu to Congress on Ali Khamenei tweeting
1:57:29JCD’s wine store “what I have for you today” pet peeve; spin class comedy routine; the demise of Dutch co-ed showers; ACC’s selfie stick
2:05:20Zetas cartel leader arrested
2:06:56Petraeus plea deal, no prison time; Judge Napolitano on Clinton e-mail, “disqualification from holding public office”; Josh Earnest on Petraeus “improper handling” misdemeanor;; Marie Harf on “class” vs “unclass” systems; ACC: deliberate distraction from Clinton Global Initiative scandal, hacker “Guccifer” discovered account in 2013; Morning Joe on Michael Schmidt’s “fear of retribution”
2:35:19Donation Segment
2:44:33Johns Hopkins patient guide: danger posed by recently vaccinated to the immunocompromised
2:47:14New York Magazine MH370 conspiracy theory: Putiiin!; “conspiracytards”
2:49:27“Moderate” US-backed Harakat Hazm being folded into Jabhat al-Nusra; Saturday Night Live ISIS skit, MSNBC: “is the risk worth it?”; JCD pet peeve: “that’s my personal opinion”
2:55:20Ben Carson: “that does not require changing the definition of marriage” (CotD)
3:00:39Snowden’s reassuring “no death penalty” guarantee; Daniel Ellsberg clarifies intent of Espionage Act, Snowden: “there is no fair trial available”, classified evidence
3:05:39Net neutrality EPA Supreme Court precedent, “tailoring authority”; Netflix appliances