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700 Bidentification (2015-03-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “Maybe she should’ve cried more.” (2:27:42)
0:00:32Love tune-up; JCD Java update story; ACC’s loud “amen, fist bump” before spin class
0:05:19Secret Agent Paul’s At the End of the Day jingle, ACC: “you sound like Johnny Cash on heroin”; producer’s wife picking up “yeah no”; the “stupid dress thing”, 3D posters; CBC’s Daniel Riskin: “to be anti-science would be unthinkable”; new Gardasil 9; Pachauri MIA
0:19:35ACC headed to Europe on the 6th to see CVC and gangster friend Michel; Yanis Varoufakis’ TEDx talk on EU: “unscrupulous bankers, inane politicians, conniving entrepreneurs, cynical academics, uncritical citizens who are all being unmasked”, proposes federalism; “amen, fist bump” as “yeah no” replacement; Loïc Le Meur; Eurovision Song Contest: Wurst’s “bidentification”, Finland’s 2015 entry Down’s syndrome punk band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät
0:44:43Producers: NA unblocked in China, conflicting ghost city accounts; Yiwu-Madrid railway maiden voyage, JCD Autodesk self-driving car speech story: trucks more efficient than rail
0:56:15Boris Nemtsov murder: Putin telegraphs martyrdom; Russian polonium vs CIA two-to-the-head; hot Ukrainian girlfriend untouched; garbage truck video; RT on pre-planned march vigil; connections with Yulia Tymoshenko; RT on immediate Western blame: “critics of Putin, beware”; Russian propaganda playing defense; Gilbert Doctorow’s cui bono; Jen “her boobs are huger than ever” Psaki on Russians lying to Kerry’s face: “I think he is conveying that any statement made … by any Russian official…”, Matt: “is a lie”
1:18:02Doctorow on Nemtsov talk at Columbia advocating sanctions four years ago; Matt Lee’s protege Arshad Mohammed; former MI6 chief on “threat posed by Russia”; Lithuania to import gas from Cheniere Energy via Baltic; Stephen Cohen: Poroshenko on “shaky ground”
1:27:11Producer Segment: “Putin hates gays” in House of Cards; Norman Lear’s rich cougar ex
1:59:27Clayton Morris on “thermite bomb” aviation warning, “classified” according to DHS
2:04:34Matt to Psaki: Jihadi John the Dude named Ben vs socioeconomic radicalization; ISIL destroying replicas of antiquities, “still an assault on the heritage of the Iraqi people”, association with Taliban Buddha destruction; Franklin Graham on Muslim infiltration of federal government, O’Reilly: “gimme some names”, Graham: “I can get those for you, Bill”
2:20:27Abby Martin’s tearful final Breaking the Set: “remember that nations are invented, borders are invisible, prejudice is learned” (CotD); takes credit for net neutrality “victory”
2:29:52Clapper: 2014 a great year for terrorism in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan; data from DHS-funded National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism — START; Shahid Buttar arrested for asking Clapper questions, “why is your agency above the law?”
2:37:18Cotton prices down due to China stockpiling; JCD on Chinese undercutting Japanese in silk
2:41:47Donation Segment
2:56:28Net neutrality: Verizon Morse code response, Morse Machine Android app; Al Franken press release; Eric Schmidt “free and open internet”; EFF: “thanks for listening to team internet”
3:06:00Mike Morell to Charlie Rose: limit on number of Iranian centrifuges means they’re only useful for weapons production, Rose: “why don’t we recognize that?”, Morell: “Idunno”; Al Jazeera Mossad leak PDF mimicking legal pad; American Jews not thrilled with Netanyahu
3:11:26Mika Brzezinski’s freak-out over creepy Boehner smooching at journalist
3:17:15CPAC: Rick Perry fearmongering, Carly Fiorina on Clinton Global Initiative funding
3:21:34Lerner e-mails found, “potential criminal activity”, legally blind guy sent looking for them
3:34:27Iran tests missiles against US aircraft carrier mockup