Call Clooney!

6 No Agenda 006 (2007-11-30)

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0:00:13ACC on mobile setup; JCD joke deconstruction podcast idea
0:02:20ACC’s continued hassling by customs, Costco card as photo ID, DHS’ multitude of lists, ACC threatened with body cavity search over failed radio deal; JCD on using call cards for long distance, SBC long distance phone slamming, account passwords in the clear; Mac grudge
0:11:01JCD all-in on Leopard three-week reboot cycle, Mac recommendations to avoid being the resident desktop support guy
0:14:08Anderson Cooper issues apology for Democrat shills at Republican debate
0:15:41Colorado State meteorology department predicted 17 hurricanes and got one; thousands evacuated in Europe over superstorm that failed to materialize, US media fails to report on anything European, Mevio’s international crowd
0:19:56Korean killed by exploding cell phone turns out to be hoax; Nokia battery recall
0:22:10JCD the air pollution expert, the virtues of coal fireplaces, “alien aroma to Californians”
0:25:29Comic Strip Blogger’s war with Nokia, PowerPoint “P.S. fuck you Adam Curry”
0:30:19Listener note on four-year-old trying pendulum retropsychokinesis experiment; JCD on finding the best-paying video poker machines