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698 Citadels of Censorship (2015-02-11)

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0:00:00JCD: “So they call him Ash.”
ACC: “Mm-hm, the big Ash.” (2:39:23)
0:00:33ACC still sick, allergy season; trip to Gruen with Nurse Tracy, “this is how we drive in Texas”
0:05:27New ISIL video with caliphate mike flags, JCD: “they’re gonna have their own network pretty soon”; News Hour, David Brooks on “violent” vs “Islamic” extremism, Sudanese President’s CIA/Mossad statement revisited; Brooks: “they think there’s going to be some cataclysmic battle and Mohammed will come down”; Kerry: “you cannot defeat what you do not understand”, JCD: “is he talking about terrorism or Hillary Clinton?”, poisonous ideas from “the pretty woman on a radical website”; Pirro/Harf “kill them” mashup; Rob Reiner suggests European anti-Semitism is at WWII levels; Linda Sarsour to Rachel Maddow: “kids being executed”, “shall I cut myself in half?”, “bubbling up” meme
0:31:40Countering Violent Extremism summit: Anti-Defamation League’s Oren Segal: “95% of murders against Americans … have been caused at the hands of right-wing extremists” (CotD); Susan “the twerp” Rice on training women to be radicalization-detectors; UK’s three Syria-bound girls, “I think the idea that you can give your life meaning by performing jihad, and that’s very exciting”; Kerry on recruits’ Islam for Dummies; Earnest on Comey’s non-invitation: “his boss was”, “violent extremist ideology that’s propagated on social media”, “countering” vs “combatting”, FSB human rights jab
0:58:20RT needling on Ukraine coup: “the next month, the Vice President Joe Biden, he popped in to say hello as well”; Moscow anti-Maidan rally, JCD on Putin’s botches, “how is this a great chess master”; Germany cancels Lithuanian armored vehicle purchase, Poland €33bn military shopping spree; Matt Lee to Psaki on violation counts from Ukraine government: “you accept their figure of 250 violations?”; World Press Photo contest: “Homophobia in Russia”
1:15:43Producer Segment: history of mac & cheese, “nine grams of protein” advertisement
1:35:33ACC dinner with the banker: Greek theatrics, bank runs, on American banker salaries: “we won”; Mechanics Bank sold; Whole Foods, JCD recommends Newman’s Honey Flax Flakes
1:42:10Academy Awards entrement, ACC: “it consists of a shaved beet and some horseradish on a spoon”; Spielberg thanked more times than God; Citizenfour, Fashion Police
1:48:18Banker on China: big trouble; Chinese tourists buying Japanese bidets; the move from best price to marketing; Chinese soccer schools, ghost cities; new TPP push
1:59:38Al Jazeera background screaming guy; video producer “Final Solution Productions” arrests
2:05:45Ebola drug brincidofovir trials cancelled; Eastern US “big chill”, D.C. low breaking 1896 record; National Geographic “War on Science” issue; MSNBC to Bill Nye: “amen, fist bump”
2:13:02Donation Segment: producer Toyota Hilux rebuild
2:24:03Mars One reality show: ACC: “Dutch not so well known for their space exploration”; business plan: “exclusive partnerships”, “sponsorships”, “broadcast rights”; semifinalist Sonia Van Meter story; producer note on pro-choice people being all-in on mandated vaccination
2:35:32Bill Clinton to Mexico on drug trafficking: “we ran it overland”; current Sinaloa situation
2:39:07Ashton Carter on retaking Mosul: “even if I knew exactly when that was going to be, I wouldn’t tell you”; UN guy on “lissstsss” of Syrian war crimes; ad-hoc tribunal as ICC workaround; Presidential memo on arming “appropriately vetted” rebels
2:45:1689 children abducted in South Sudan; British schools as “citadels of censorship”; new French law requiring ISPs to block terrorist and Pedobear sites