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697 StoogeLand (2015-02-19)

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0:00:00JCD: “Okay Google!” (2:29:47)
0:00:34ACC post-New York flu; herd immunity revisited; JCD: “you want codeine”
0:03:06Smith-Mundt repeal revisited; sad news: Ashton “Ash” Carter throws Kirby under the bus; pregnant Jen Psaki moving to White House, JCD: “oh, she’s gotta be the worst boss in the world now she’s pregnant?”; “American State Department” Marie Harf on Hardball, ACC: “in her idiocy, she’s become a genius!”, “it’s not just about dropping bombs on terrorists”, “we’re killin’ a lot of ’em, and we’re gonna to keep killin’ more of them”, on job creation: “what makes these 17-year-old kids pick up an AK-47 instead of trying to start a business”, AUMF “not to take it to politics”; Hayden: “unless you change conditions on the ground, you get to kill people forever”, “where we have been less good, is the production rate of those who are going to want to come and try to kill us one, three, or five years from now”; Harf: “we are killing them and we will continue killing ISIS terrorists that pose a threat to us”
0:30:39Carol CNN on ISIS recruitment of young Western women via Nutella, kittens, and emoji; Wes Clark: “we need the authorization to follow the leads, put the troops in, and play this”, zealots to fight Hezbollah, Ukraine-ISIS connection revealed
0:38:44New beheading video with freakishly tall terrorists; Quilliam report on Libya as “strategic gateway”, “launching platform” to attack Europe; Toyota Hilux for rebels; Sisi on unfinished Libyan mission; Sudanese President: CIA & Mossad behind Boko Haram & ISIL (CotD)
0:53:51Obama on “terrorist Twitter accounts”, “your stuff is often boring … you’re not connected, and as a consequence you’re not connecting”; ISIS burning bodies and harvesting organs; “no form of atrocity or … gruesome death that they haven’t thought of” vs drawing & quartering
1:08:40Producer Segment: John Fletcher Johnny-on-the-spot with “Kirbyyy!”
1:25:52JCD’s new Max Flat-Clinch stapler
1:29:28Greece’s new bailout loan agreement; Yanis Varoufakis not a Syriza member; Lisbon Treaty makes EU membership irreversible; BBC Channel 4 UKIP mockumentary
1:40:23“Governor Palin” title retention, “Dr. Dvorak” in Brazil; Eric “lazy eye” Holder on whistleblowers: “I’ll use an extreme example, perhaps unfair”, Manhattan Project; fake whistleblower John Kiriakou espionage charge over business card
1:54:48NOAA’s 2013 58.24° vs 1997 62.45° average temperature; Cliff Mass’ Weather Blog; NPR “science denial” vs Nature article on origin of life; H&HS national adult immunization plan: flu, HPV, hepatitis, “catch-up” vaccines; mysterious doctor deaths including HPV vaccine originator; Pew research on anti-vaxers: mostly young, anti-GMO: everybody
2:09:34Telegraph political editor Peter Oborne resignation, native advertising
2:12:21Donation Segment
2:22:30Drug-resistant CRE bacteria spread in UCLA hospital; 60 killed in Haiti parade accident
2:24:30Kaspersky reveals $1bn in bank hacking incidents, HDD mal-firmware
2:26:41Tech News: Hadoop big data promo video: “that’s the scoop with Hadoop”; ACC on Google Now vs Siri vs Echo, Apple should buy Amazon; Koch brothers pro-Tesla on direct sales
2:39:04Al Jazeera on West Virginia oil tanker crash & explosion, Bakken crude volatility; flimsy DOT-111 “the Ford Pinto of rail cars” banned in Canada; PBS silent on issue; “maybe we dodged a bomb, we got hit by the bullet”