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696 The Key Key Thing (2015-02-15)

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0:00:00ACC: “It’s bootstrapping on its own complexity in an exponential way.” (1:18:35)
0:00:34JCD’s “two problems in my life”: losing flashlights and malfunctioning staplers; ACC’s Amazon Echo pseudo-review: “if it had an Apple logo on it, everyone would be crapping themselves”; Jacques Ellul pre- and post-PC
0:11:36CIA headquarters now on lockdown; ACC back from New York, Empire Bar & Grill strippers
0:13:51Cyberattack prevention Executive Order; Kara Swisher “Mr. Tech” Obama interview: “we’re hugely vulnerable”, Red Book: air traffic control systems, “digital base”, “we’ve got to be able to pull those companies together so they’re working together”, JCD: “it’s called collusion, it’s against the law”, antitrust protection, “capacities to scoop up information”, “commercially driven” European protectionism & Stasi, “we have owned the internet”; “I’m a strong believer in strong encryption”, “our law enforcement is expected to stop … every bomb on a plane”, ACC: “you wanna put it in the book?”, “folks who want airtight encryption also want to be protected from terrorists”; “everybody’s got to learn how to code early”
0:42:32“Coincidental” Kaspersky disclosure of multi-bank malware hack; producer note on crappy Anthem infrastructure and IT staff; “the cyber-secure smart home”; ACC on all the dating sites, PBS on niche dating sites like, Paul Oyer on “firm-specific human capital”, need to settle for good enough, ACC story on recognizing person from Tinder
0:58:49Producer Segment
1:16:12Jason Silva: “exponentially emerging technologies”; sketchy Singularity University
1:25:14“Happiest place on earth” Denmark shooting, cafe attack; Kurt Westergaard on self-censorship; Ashton Carter confirmation, European call for “removing internet content that is deemed to promote terrorism or extremism”, airline data sharing; Helle Thorning-Schmidt: “high alert”
1:32:05AUMF hearings: Michael Flynn, Project for a New American Security; “inherent right of self-defense” paper; START terrorism database; Canadian “planned mass shooting” arrests
1:40:29Obama goodbye to Ron Klain: “we have risen to the challenge”; ebola “get to zero” summit with the usual tech NGO suspects; Mill and Belinda Gates at Davos with Zakaria, US education system “fundamentally broken”, digital tools “the key key thing in education”; Nicholas Kristof on “evidence-based solutions” in education
1:55:01SNL Shark Tank skit: “we’re hearing ISIS, ISIS, ISIS, but your pamphlet says ISIL
1:58:01Ukraine cease-fire, Poroshenko’s phone calls during talks, Red Book: real Russian invasion within a month; Pravda on Putin’s 9/11 evidence; Sarkozy on Crimea’s right to join Russia; former Soviet ambassador on possibility of “another nuclear arms race”; Georgia’s Mikhail Saakashvili to be Poroshenko aide; Ireland needs more jets; new $7.5bn IMF Ukraine bailout
2:06:31HSBC’s Swiss division misdeeds revealed; Comey’s HSBC, Bridgewater connections
2:11:00Oxford BioChronometrics research: 88-98% of clicks by advanced adbots
2:14:23Donation Segment: Viscount’s Camplite 16DBS trailer offer for Hot Pockets Sorrow Tour
2:29:05Netflix coming to Cuba; NBC: Congress 27.65% “unanimous” on vaccination; $3bn in vaccine injury compensation since 1990; new Cuban HIV strain; synthetic polio vaccine research
2:33:38Sir Tom the Minuteman Knight claims “double nickels on the dime”; no No Agenda militia
2:35:57John Podesta tweet on failure to release UFO files; Philip J. Corso’s The Day After Roswell
2:38:09West coast port labor dispute, JCD: “they dont want to give anyone any ideas”
2:41:26Biden “butt buddy” comment; Josh Earnest on danger of climate change vs terrorism
2:44:03Michio Kaku to speak in Austin vs John Kiriakou out of prison