Call Clooney!

692 Crone (2015-02-01)

Show 692 album art
0:00:00ACC: “A withered old woman.” (1:51:42)
0:00:32JCD fogged in, bay vs tule fog, hundred-car pileups in the Netherlands, fog lights MIA
0:04:24New Dutch listeners after ACC marriage bombshell; Dvorak collective: new Hot Pockets Tour in Airstream trailer; Dutch gossip media difficulty conveying notion of podcast
0:15:03Tarik Zahzah Dutch NOS hijack: “we’ve been sent by intelligence agencies to talk about things that are really heavy shit for the world”, post-event fade to black; outrage over Wie is de Mol reality show preemption; ACC: nightmare about losing ability to speak English on the show
0:26:25FAA Super Bowl PSA: “leave your drone at home”; Jane Harmon Jeh Johnson interview: “there are magnetometers everywhere”
0:34:25Producer Segment: Texas wines; slave barcode T-shirt at spin class
1:17:18McCain: “get out of here you lowlife scum”, Kissinger: “people, and conflict, and chaos”
1:20:07Goto_DVD.mp4 released,, Brian the Gay Crusader analysis, ACC: “that’s a horrible Photoshop job”; Japanese producer on Kenji Goto Jogo taking wife’s name, no articles by him to be found; Haruna Yukawa’s Yoshiko Kawashima blog; Jihadi John’s boots
1:29:55German warning to Greece: “we are difficult to blackmail”, “I hesitate to call it a government, it’s more a gang”; the reality of corporate loan servicing; RT hit piece on British banks grabbing homes; Greece apparently stopping large scale asset sale; European deflationary policy favoring banks; Greece not a signatory on condemnation of Russia in Ukraine bus bombing, possible inspiration for Hungary and others to break ranks; new Spanish anti-austerity “yes we can” party, JCD on Spanish subway system; Stephen Cohen on new Cold War; Victoria Nuland now a “crone”
1:53:44The average Iranian is pro-American
1:57:47Note on Attorney General candidate Loretta Lynch as Holder’s wife’s college friend; GWU professor testimony on DoJ “obstruction” and “usurpation of legislative authority”; Holder’s wife granted executive privilege over Fast and Furious; Sharyl Attkisson testimony: “one White House official got so mad he angrily cussed me out”; Lynch to Sessions on immigration: “I’m not sure if I know, if I understand the basis for your question”, JCD on misunderstanding question trick to avoid perjury, “legal framework”
2:16:21Hayden on “what constitutes unreasonableness” in Fourth Amendment, on Boston Bombing: “a significant fraction of our population, and not all of them wearing tinfoil on their heads … says, why weren’t you tracking those guys on the web”, JCD: “how would they even know any of this if they weren’t tracking them on the web?”; “what constitutes reasonableness is actually a product of the totality of circumstances in which we find ourselves in history”, “three thousand countrymen” meme
2:26:47Donation Segment
2:47:46Failed Idaho “Add the Words” bill covering gender identity and sexual orientation discrimination; JCD raises the Conchita Wurst self-identification situation, “sexual identity card”, driver licenses required to board plane, ACC: “I recommend a yellow star on the clothing”
2:54:52African Union head Robert Mugabe behind closed doors: “a good white man is a dead one”
2:57:02Canadian Communications Security Establishment’s Project Levitation, “giant digital X-ray machine”; Tom King to House of Lords: “I am not a tweeter, but we’ve got Facebook, we’ve got Twitter; somebody tried to explain to me what WhatsApp is … I don’t know about them, but what is absolutely clear is the terrorists and jihadists do”