Call Clooney!

691 Ten Minute Timer (2015-01-29)

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0:00:00JCD: “What is wrong with this idiot?”
0:00:32JCD slurring intro, “I don’t drink!”
0:00:46ACC’s Ms. Micky bombshell; CVC visit; ACC now in downtown Austin, “developmentally delayed” at age fifty, ACC: “now we can talk about important things like Tinder”
0:08:15Podcasts as the next radio meme, No Agenda as pre-Serial
0:11:30Miss Universe finalists: US, Ukraine, Netherlands, Jamaica, Colombia; incomprehensible Manny Pacquiao question on message to “global terrorists”; Miss Netherlands: “I’m ambassador for child prostitution”; Miss Ukraine on removing swimsuit competition: “I feel comfortable in anything”; Miss Jamaica on violence against women: “crime is a global phenomenon”; Miss Colombia on women learning from men: “I believe there are still men who believe in equality”; baby beauty pageant culture, “hot guys” comment in ACC’s spin class
0:32:16Producer Segment
0:48:06Northeast blizzpocalypse dud predicted by new National Weather Service supercomputer; Bridgeport Mayor: Al Sharpton “fighting the good fight on climate change”; Bill Nye weighs in; San Fransisco Exploratorium modelling-resistant n-body problem; UK Met office: 2014 not statistically distinguishable as warmest; Bill Nye inflategate break: “climate change is real!”, ACC: “Bill Nye is Alex Jones” (CotD); Nantucket power outage; Earth Institute’s Jeffrey Sachs: Republicans “just on the take”, Bono & Soros on advisory board, JCD: “crook” invites libel suit
1:07:54No Agenda vs endlessly repeated media lies; Al Jazeera on Assad’s supposed chemical weapons
1:12:54States considering mileage taxes due to efficiency and low oil prices; the ecological cost of batteries; automotive tracking systems; producer note on automotive exhaust sounds not penetrating “monkey shit” insulation, JCD on noise-canceling exhaust systems, “you’re too tall for a Lambo”
1:23:19Drinks and dinner with Eric the Constitutional lawyer at Fixe; Austin full of lobbyists
1:26:52Feinstein’s replacement Richard Burr to return Panetta report
1:27:58Two new ISIS videos: from ransom to prisoner exchange, “Mosul time”, 24 hour stay of execution; SITE _DVD.mp4 Final Cut Pro filenames, ACC: “I didn’t know that they use a lot of Macs over in terrorist-land”; Kirby telegraphs Mosul operation; James Kerchick on defenestrated gays Twitter photos; Geert Wilders on “real face on Islam”; News Hour on non-assimilating Muslims in UK; Denmark de-radicalization funding; Rotterdam’s Muslim mayor; wimpy millennials not standing up for verbal abuse victims
1:55:58Donation Segment: “less than ten minutes to go, okay?” clip
2:10:58Nicole Wallace on Letterman: Couric Palin interview; prompter fail at Iowa Freedom Summit: “the man can only ride ya when your back is bent”, JCD on hardcopy backup
2:19:38Obama in India, Modi and Indian version of “peace through strength”, military modernization
2:22:26Win Lose or Drone: quad-copter on White House lawn, PBS vs RT “they are essentially toys” versions; Obama on FAA regulation: “the drone that landed at the White House you can buy at Radio Shack”, Amazon drones
2:27:47News Hour runs entire Koch Foundation advertisement
2:30:14Candy Crowley to Obama on Cuba: “that you’re naive and they’re rolling you”, Obama: “chess master … outmaneuvering Mr. Obama and this, that, and the other”
2:35:22Auschwitz’ 70th anniversary, no invitation for Putin in spite of liberation by Red Army