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690 Win by a Gyp (2015-01-25)

Show 690 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Wait until the Texas oil companies close, there’s gonna be hookers for 35 bucks, don’t you worry, there’s going to be plenty of it.” (0:46:00)
0:00:36JCD slurring intro; ACC’s iRiver backup recorder; feedback on cross-cultural kissing, back-pounding, football butt-slapping; the search for high-five patient zero; toplessness in Europe
0:07:55Greek election day: Antonis Samaras claims all undecided votes; no one calling Syriza “communist”; the Goldman Sachs “free money” scam; ubiquity of loan renegotiation; George Papandreou — where is he now?; European Central Bank quantitative easing: “lights were flashing red across our dashboard”; US dual citizenship laws
0:27:45Oil price normalization, not deflation; Gail Tverberg to Glenn Beck: low price leads to low production, oil companies defaulting on loans, King Reagan synthoil “shutdown”, King Obama raising interest rates, Beck: Saudis staying in the game even at $10; Obama on energy, 2010 vs 2015: “for decades we have known the days of cheap and easily accessible oil were numbered”
0:46:31Producer Segment: Harry Reid also beaten up tripped and fell in 2011
1:04:08Huckabee on “six hundred radio stations”, explaining Mike Rogers’ DJ job
1:08:55Mike Rogers to Brolf on Japanese hostage situation as “messaging deal”; Japanese TV analysis of fake video; “this terrorizes people enough that they think ISIS is actually bigger than it is” meta-analysis, jihadi competition meme, Rogers on Jihadi John intelligence: “you don’t want to disrupt any activities in that lineage”; delayed video; Kenji Goto audio recording in English, Haruna Yukawa still photo with oversized head on rump; Yukawa the homeless, genital-cutting, Manchu princess incarnation; Tom Brady on deflategate: “this isn’t ISIS”
1:35:44Super Bowl predictions: Patriots “lose by a gyp”
1:41:52NOAA 48%, NASA 38% likelihood of 2014 warmest year; Robert Papp pushing Frozen propaganda; Washington Post on “chemtrails crowd”, David Keith to Colbert on spraying additional 1% sulfuric acid into atmosphere, additional 10k pollution deaths, “you can do math”
2:00:41Je suis Charlie identity card Citroën/Renault discrepancy; Iranian Über driver on Netanyahu’s invitation as pretext for more settlements
2:06:22Youtuber Presidential interviews; JCD story on doing Tech TV with Leo in his ear; Obama: “the reason we even have colleges is that, at some point, there were politicians who said, you know what, we should start colleges”; Hank Green: “I’ve not had a lot of time to debrief”
2:12:33Donation Segment: “we need to kill them” ringtone
2:25:15BBG’s Andrew Lack likens RT to ISIS; RT needling on Saudi human rights under Abdullah, Prince of Wales sword dance, instability prediction; Jordan’s king tricked out of crown
2:31:07Boring Mill and Belinda Gates Foundation letter, sycophantic Nilai Patel interview
2:32:55Yemen coup: possibility for Houthi-US partnership against AQAP, “Yemen’s politics and intrigue makes the word Byzantine seem simplistic”; Iranian Central Bank ditching US dollar
2:39:50Ukraine: Mariupol bus explosion, “out of my face, please” American mercenary, Poroshenko with bus fragment in Davos, JCD: “so he’s a prop comic”, likened to MH17 and Charlie Hebdo, “we will win the terror”; Psaki “shut up slave” to Gayane Chichakyan on Ukranian Minsk Protocol compliance, Matt to the rescue; ACC on Psaki’s peculiar breasts
2:50:03Hillary Clinton’s Putin/Medvedev comedy act
2:51:34Kirchner backtracks on Alberto Nisman murder via social media; linguistic tea vs chai split
2:56:34Tech News: “consumer data” trackers; automotive exhaust sounds routed through speakers; The Imitation Game snubs Polish cryptanalysts