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68 Crackpot & The Buzz-Kill (2009-02-01)

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0:00:00ACC: “It’s time once again for the weekly adventures of Crackpot and Buzz-Kill.”
0:00:24Riots in Geneva, British wildcat strike over contracted to Italian firm; Jack Welch making the rounds, hour with University of Miami’s Donna Shalala, Obama’s “it’s going to get worse before it gets better” vs Roosevelt; Presidential Memorandum banning lobbyists, Timothy Geithner’s lobbyist assistant; Geithner off the hook with IRS vs ACC’s experiences, junk mail from lawyers; CVC’s past-due £349 gym membership bill, letter from lawyer demanding £500, JCD on unenforced consumer protection laws and payday loans
0:13:41Stimulus package will “create or save three million jobs”; Joe Biden on Middle Class Task Force “listening tour”
0:18:10$90 worth of overpriced oysters at Zuni Café, ACC: “we lost count”, JCD’s “hey, is the wine guy here?”, Châteauneuf-du-Pape; 4% healthcare tax, ACC: “I didn’t fill out my 105, by the way” (Treasury FinCEN Form 105); moving to two shows per week
0:27:46Jack Welch screwed out of GE jet after retirement, JCD: “he sounds like he’s drunk”
0:31:48H.R.645 National Emergency Centers Establishment Act for FEMA camps, “to meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security”; Geneva Davos protest, ACC: “Gordon Brown in the morning, globalism is good! FM”, rioting in France
0:36:58JCD to speed-watch Super Bowl, advertisers attempting “positive and subdued tone”, JCD on 30-second DVR button, broadcasting “format clock”, Cialis and Durex finger vibrator ads, JCD: Super Bowl all downhill since dot-com bubble, ACC on Oracle ad with URL, broken ODBC SQL server error message, Kurt Warner the “Jesus freak”
0:48:40Davos “trade show” panel with Ban Ki-moon and Shimon Peres, idiot moderator cuts off Recep Tayyip Erdoğan rant, ACC: “let fireworks commence!”, annoying Silicon Valley “hard stop”, Erdoğan stomps off stage with intent not to return, radical Islam closing in on Turkey, Geert Wilders’ to be prosecuted for insulting Islam with Fitna film, Davos spitting
1:01:44JCD on Taiwan motor scooters and puddles of red betel nut spit, khat stimulant, butt-less amphetamine users
1:07:21UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, Hillary Clinton pushing LOST Law of the Sea Treaty
1:10:57JCD on long-winded Larry McMurtry introduction to Rice University speech; Atlas of Creation sent to US and European schools
1:13:33Tornado steam train to be put into service on York-Newcastle line, ACC: “I’ve been told quite specifically never to go that far north”
1:15:55Dinner at Limón, carbonated Vinho Verde, giant-kernel Peruvian corn, tacu-tacu appetizer, “right away, sir” waiter; ACC: avoid Fly Trap; dinner at stinky Coco, 2003 Pavillon Rouge du Chateau Margaux; ACC’s Golden Star Tea
1:27:31JCD’s mysterious Goldstar Entertainment stock in portfolio; ACC voice dub on Hot Pursuit porn movie, “get your hands on that”; second show day planning