Call Clooney!

689 Code 44 (2015-01-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “She conked out!” (0:40:48)
0:00:31JCD’s rainstick, ACC’s theremin app; ACC’s Ladybird Lake walk, LBJ Broadway play All the Way, martial Greg Abbott inauguration parade, “code 44” means “watch for horse crap”
0:07:18State of the Union: lowest rated Obama SotU, JCD’s pile of pre-SotU “watch it online” White House e-mails; Obama: “no challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change”, JCD: “including nuclear annihilation”, “I’ve heard some folks try to dodge the evidence”; Goddard Institute’s 0.02°±0.1° error margin, 38% likelihood 2014 was warmest
0:22:27JCD’s network comparison: ABC’s ESPN-esque “next up” topic, superior PBS audio; Elizabeth Warren in bright blue; The Blaze MST3K treatment; channeling Clinton on ISIS AUMF: “this effort will take time”; notice of continuing national emergency from Exec. Order No. 12947; Democratic field organizer Rebekah Erler controversy; Big Block of Cheese Day feta
0:37:23Senile Scowcroft with Zbig at Armed Services Committee hearing, “one of the big challenges in this world is cyber”, “could be as dangerous as nuclear weapons”; Ruth Bader Ginsburg SotU snooze; “who went to a real college?”; Zbig: “America, Russia, and China should therefore jointly consult” on Middle East, laughter at China’s “acquisition of cyber capabilities of a confrontational type”, “paralyzing an opponent entirely, without killing anybody”, sewers
0:52:51Cybersecurity Legislative Proposal: RICO to include cybercrime, “wire, oral, or electronic communication intercepting devices” if damage is over $5k; Computer Fraud and Abuse Act modernization: “exceeds authorized access”; NSA malware in North Korea, preparation for “online guerilla war”; Snowden Nieuwsuur interview: “surveillance kings of Europe”, CIA fears French intelligence, Dutch work for US services; Obama’s disdain for “coders”
1:04:45The Mentalist: “a woman named Vicki, I think, then a dude named Ben”
1:05:49Producer Segment: Christopher Lee Cornell gun store owner in cahoots with FBI
1:45:54Bill gates on Tonight Show, at Davos pushing mobile payment systems
1:49:30Shape-shifting Jews article; CNN Coulibaly surveillance video at “a Jewish institution”, “alleged” DNA; Vice on conspiracy theories, Alex Jones’ $10M; Boehner’s Netanyahu invitation flap; UK Producer on no go zones, integration; German PEGIDA Abendlandes (Occident)
2:08:47Erdoğan convening Cabinet meeting instead of Prime Minister in apparent power grab
2:11:01Magical shape-shifting Jews straight out of Borat
2:12:02New ISIS video: 72 hours to pay $200M ransom for Japanese citizen; Scahill: “Anwar Awlaki was not even mid-level management at AQAP”; Australian “possible suspicious object”
2:19:10AirAsia 6k feet per minute ascent: “not even a fighter jet would attempt to climb that quickly”, ACC: “wait a minute, did he say Allahu akbar when he went into that amazing climb?”
2:22:04Bearded James Holmes courtroom sketch, “clean-cut, wearing glasses”
2:24:00Chatroom suggests AirAsia climb gives lie to 9/11 maneuvers
2:24:25Iranian Foreign Minister working on gas transit with Afghanistan; Bob Menendez on Obama’s “talking points that come straight out of Tehran”; No Agenda News Network Iran news feed
2:30:50Donation Segment: “Jake Gyllenhorn” flub
2:47:08Ferguson: no Federal charges for Darren Wilson, 40 FBI agents
2:51:07Chris Matthews stumbles on female President TV conspiracy
2:53:28Net neutrality now “free and open internet”, draft legislation “blocking of lawful content and non-harmful devices”; Michael Powell on FTC authority; CTIA promises lawsuits
3:04:43QVC: “isn’t the Moon a star?”, “no, the Moon is a planet, darling” (CotD)