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688 Threat Stream (2015-01-18)

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0:00:00JCD: “They’re turning us into Canadians.” (0:57:50)
0:00:32The Prophet Muhammed and The Podcaster A. Curry; podcast awards
0:02:01Everyone should speak French, except Kerry; Kerry’s Hollande hug, European cross-cultural hugging and kissing conventions, JCD: “does it include a slap on the butt?”; Kerry brings James Taylor to podium; depression in Denmark
0:09:43JCD on Obama’s India trip security implications; Omidyar Modi connection
0:11:06Twenty European terrorism arrests; Belgian troops after Abdel Hamid Aboud; Dutch confusion, rumors about MH17 results; Greek terror arrests; Kouachi realtime dossier: “it’s here that the process of radicalization seems to have begun” in 2005; American Sniper interviews, Eastwood on Panetta Institute board; Kouachi al-Awlaki link, 30 police officers meme
0:26:43Charlie Hebdo cartoonist fired for anti-Semitic cartoon; “magical shape-shifting Jews” theory; French freedom of speech limitations, “emotional hang-hover”, Eleanor Clift: “it shows the effort to find the line between hate speech and free speech”; RT on al-Awlaki: “who radicalized the radicalizer?”, new narrative: al-Awlaki’s son “blowed up” at barbecue
0:41:37Bob Baer on ink cartridge bombs, hygroscopic underwear bomb; Mark Hartley: “we’re dealing with an adaptive enemy”, JCD: “this explains, now, how they get themselves into those little lamps that you rub”, “I’m very surprised we haven’t seen more attacks like occurred in Paris in the United States yet”; Verviers terrorist gun battle; Panetta Institute, journalists in The Interview; Jeh Johnson on new security measures “in reaction to some of the threat streams we’re seeing now”, D.C. smoke incident terror what-ifs, Canadian “what would it be like if it happened here”; CNN: “ISIS has created a really successful brand”, Let’s Get Social
1:04:26Boehner called out on Christopher Lee Cornell, FISA vs social media
1:05:56Producer Segment: anonymous “bag check” douchebag callout
1:24:44Religious Freedom Day; ACC drinking with banker friend, oil price analysis, euro screwed by Swiss, interest rates down for another decade
1:32:06Producer Brandon on average temperature calibration; “federal scientists”, “literally cooking their planet”; Bernie Sanders Keystone bill “denying science” trickery
1:40:18Cameron & Obama lobbying against further Iranian sanctions; P5+1 nations, Iran’s increasing gas production; Kirby: several hundred “trainers”, “enablers” for Syrian rebels
1:53:58By Executive Order: Law Enforcement Equipment Working Group, ACC: “hey, these bayonets are all bloody; let me send them back”
1:56:55News Night all-in on fascism with Greenwald, JCD “he’s never once mentioned blackmail”; Poitras/Appelbaum NSA man-in-the-middle botnet article; Exploring Constitutional Conflicts article on privacy decided by case law and the role of the Ninth Amendment
2:07:01Rep. Richard Neal on “high speed rail”: “that train got up to 79 miles an hour”
2:09:49Donation Segment: Whole Foods as nice hangout and pick-up spot
2:19:55Tech News: hardware store robot, “go get me a beer from the fridge”, Chappie film promo, 1982 “the year of the robot”, Androbot, COMDEX beer-fetching robot
2:26:45Sharpton’s emergency Oscar meeting, Marc Hill: “but let’s be clear, Hollywood is racist”
2:32:01Harf on $4bn Afghanistan narcotics program vs opium increase: “let me check with our folks”
2:36:53Book TV on Reagan’s nemesis Robert Kennedy; ACC reading Tragedy and Hope
2:41:35Russia to lift import ban post-Grexit; Schengen, ESTA visa crackdown; RT on Lithuania’s Russian occupation survival manual: “perhaps you can resort to drinking out of the toilet”