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687 Cyber Caliphate (2015-01-05)

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0:00:00JCD: “Wow, it’s pretty good. Yeah, it’s pretty good. Whoooooo!” (2:15:45)
0:00:34Chemtrails over ACC’s house
0:01:00Charlie Hebdo: hoax, false flag, or real?; world leaders made to look like part of larger group; White House apology; Earnest: Americans “stand foursquare” behind France; Kerry’s bad French; MSNBC: anti-Semitism “of concern throughout Europe and particularly of course in Germany”, “what’s behind it?”; Jimmy Carter on Palestinian problem; Netanyahu now winning election polls; Edouard de Rothschild’s 37% stake in Libération; Dresden anti-Muslim protest
0:22:31Richard Engel on ISIS/al-Qaeda “dangerous rivalry”, al-Awlaki implicated, new call for boycott of West; joint statement on internet material “and the condition of its removing”; Cameron proposes encryption ban: “we have a better system for safeguarding this … power than probably any other country I can think of”; Muslim on street: “in general we are not upset”; self-censoring media outlets, Glenn Beck: “this is a slander on the Prophet Muhammed”
0:44:30FBI arrest Christopher Lee Cornell, plot “inspired by ISIS”, “saw al-Awlaki as inspiration”, Cornell’s mother’s scripted plea, father on FBI coercion; FBI analyst on coercion strategy, Six-Week Cycle; Giuliani: “you’ve got to be responsible for the words you utter”
0:57:07White House avoiding “radical Islam”, Earnest: terrorism vs “invoking the religion Islam in their own deviant view of it”; Judge Jeanine Pirro: “we need to kill them; we need to kill them!”; Martin “sibilance” Dempsey on brothers’ training: “inssspired in some way”, “inspiring groups that already exist to rebrand themselves”
1:08:20Producer Segment: Sir Mad Hatter on “information sharing” as one-way street
1:20:05Pooper: “heightened state of vigilance”; Bob Baer on “swearing allegiance to the caliphate”, Inspire magazine bomb plans; Kerry’s “explode volcanoes of jihad” quote; Peter King against defunding DHS; Terrorism Risk Insurance Program reauthorized
1:32:03Cameron encryption ban “absolutely right for a modern liberal democracy”; Zimmerman PGP harassment; Netherlands phone tap leader; Centcom Twitter “hack”, Beck: “the Pentagon was hacked into”, “that’s their Tweeter handle: caliphate”, Bill Richardson on preventing “cyber breaching of classified information”; return of CISPA, DoJ cyber threat center, no liability when information is shared; JCD on Kaczynski, Manson autograph values; CSI Cyber premiere
1:50:31Obama at FTA on free credit scores, consumer privacy bill of rights, Student Digital Privacy Act; AdNauseam browser plug-in; Obama pushing CISPA: “if we’re going to be connected, then we need to be protected”; pushing Cedar Falls municipal “faster broadband”
2:08:36Producer e-mails on DRT boxes: everything scooped up, military use in Afghanistan and Iraq
2:13:45Why are they applauding Kelly Ripa for eating chocolate?; foreign objects in McDonald’s food
2:19:06Donation Segment: Producer Eric on his son’s vagina = agenda logic
2:31:09NBC on Disneyland measles, JCD predicts network war; KPBS on smoking “vaccine”
2:37:16Haiti protest in New York, clip MIA
2:39:52James Holmes jury selection beginning, “killed twelve” vs “24 counts of first degree murder”; insanity plea legal vs medical analysis; Tsarnaev trial coincidence
2:47:22ISIS boy shooting Russian spies video
2:49:26Yatsenyuk on WWII Soviet invasion of Germany; Monsanto’s IMF deal; Turkey gas reroute
2:52:53Audio experiment: Diana Deutsch phantom words demo with the chatroom
2:54:37Two convictions from International Criminal Court; Holmes life plea deal turned down
2:55:32Male selfie psychopathy article based on men-only data