Call Clooney!

685 Schwack the Nose (2015-01-08)

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0:00:00ACC: “Hey! Bill, go drink some poop.” (2:12:59)
0:00:34ACC has the flu; CVC coming from Los Angeles; ACC at Russian Orthodox Christmas party
0:06:50Charlie Hebdo: je suis Charlie lameness, ACC: change Twitter icons to Prophet Muhammad; JCD: “if you want to see freedom of speech in action, go to France”; pervasive targeting of journalists; Pim Fortuyn and Dutch Islamification; “we avenge the Prophet Muhammed” in French, bloodless officer shooting blurred out; Stéphane Charbonnier: “without freedom of speech, we are dead”, Mark Stein on self-censorship: “they pixellated Muhammad out of it, so it looks like Muhammad has entered the witness protection program”; Josh Earnest on “foreign fighters”; CAIR on “Islamophobia movement”; woman with JCD’s dream accent
0:28:58Obama on Charlie Hebdo: “these kinds of attacks can happen anywhere in the world”; Ministry of Fear clip; The Onion’s Joe Randazzo on “sensitivity to cultural issues”; Obama: French “with us at every moment … from 9/11 on”, ACC: “have we forgotten freedom fries?”
0:36:15Russian dinner rundown, Brian Brushwood appearance, “coy” Russian girls “not interested”; Herring Under a Fur Coat salad and mystery musical instrument
0:41:00Alexei Pushkov on the real threat to Europe; “have that conversation” meme, self-appointed social media “experts”, Let’s Get Social; Howard Dean on ISIS as a cult, ineffective French gun control; Kirby: “we don’t have the ability to count every nose that we schwack” (CotD); JCD: where was NSA?; $2.4bn Abrams tank, “other” sale to Iraq, JCD: “how much of this stuff do we have to sell you before you don’t have it stolen every time?”
1:08:39Producer Segment: Wired request for podcast recommendations
1:21:50New Mexico methane cloud, methane the new meme replacing CO2; Texas earthquakes, no mention of fracking; JCD on “lubing up” the ground; diesel-powered windmills
1:32:11Comey’s “right?” confirmation of North Korean involvement in Sony hack; Uncle Don on Kim Jong-il’s New Year’s message, ROK vs South Korea
1:36:50Three-year-old Brolf flu clip
1:37:22Harry Reid on exercise “accident”: “I didn’t get this black eye by sparring with Manny”, 33rd year in Congress claim, five years off; JCD’s Newsletter A/B split: kittens vs Reid
1:50:07FBI on reasonable expectation of privacy exception for Stingray warrants; “DRT boxes”
1:55:37Tech News: CES and IoT, Bluetooth lightbulbs, Foley awarded; ACC’s pedicure experience; PC Magazine best-of, selfie/belfie sticks, ABC on 2014 as “year of the selfie”
2:10:05Bill Gates drinks poopy water, JCD: “this is a cry for help”
2:13:12Donation Segment
2:23:32Scorpion scoring high in the ratings
2:24:04United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime report: poppy production at record high hectarage; heroin cheaper than meth
2:27:06Chris Coons on new ebola strategy for Pentagon, JCD: “is Africa so pathetic that they can’t even build a building without American soldiers?”
2:29:38Drone maker DJI Innovations explosive growth; JCD drone-shopping, drone protection system via nets, ACC: “own the drone!”
2:35:20AirAsia owner Tony Fernandes dumping shares of Toon Insurance Holdings; “weather caused the crash”, -121° cloud temperature
2:40:41David Foley to TSA agent: “isn’t your goal to provide screening for safe travel?”
2:42:25Taylor Swift secretly dating Karlie Kloss according to OK! Magazine