Call Clooney!

684 Polymorphic Analysis (2015-01-04)

Show 684 album art
0:00:00JCD: “They should’ve started booing and throwing paper balls at him” (2:04:57)
0:00:33ACC watched football game at JCD’s behest, JCD: “I love a lopsided slaughter”
0:04:46Show 682 Tourette’s catalog feedback; Taylor Swift’s butt and lips
0:10:09National {Mentoring, Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention, Stalking Awareness} Month; getting off JCD’s Twitter, e-mail block list; USA Today Facebook sign-in for comments; net neutrality action coming up, secret “Title X”
0:25:14Obama Executive Order slapping more sanctions on North Korea, “provocative, destabilizing, and repressive actions and policies of the government of North Korea”; KOMID weapon manufacturing and sales, Middle East sales offices; Park Sang-hak’s The Interview DVD airdrop; Blackhat trailer; Red Book: security failure at airport right before DHS re-funding; “broken” immigration meme; Rumsfeld’s 9/10 unaccounted-for $2T
0:40:11NPR Obama interview: “yeah, well, I I I d… here’s what I do think is true … I have spent, six years now in this office”; C-SPAN call-in rant; Obama calling only on female reporters; millennial on Youtube: “without the President’s help we would not be free right now”
0:48:27Drunk History; Legally Drunk; Win Lose or Drone; Chinese Wing Loong drone; Kill Decision
0:54:19Guess the Country: Japanese tourist gang-raped in India
0:56:36Producer Segment
1:04:04San Antonio tourism promo with mush-mouthed voiceover; ACC’s dearth of voice gigs
1:07:12Transgender Lila Alcorn suicide; JCD on good vs bad journalism; Alcorn “put on medication to treat depression”, JCD: “try calling your doctor”
1:19:21Classic 2014 clips: “toothpaste tubes could be used to smuggle bombs onto planes”; heatless rooms, undrinkable water in Sochi
1:23:39Joe Weisberg on getting CIA approval for The Americans storylines, never write about cover jobs; “Putin is helping you”; KGB agents marrying secretaries; Oliver Stone on Russia; Lada overtaken by Kia
1:33:40EU resilience video: “at least 20% of the EU budget will be spent on climate action”; ocean acidification charts starting in 1988, Colorado College a CIA “feeder school”
1:42:56“Grexit” in the news over upcoming elections
1:46:20Anonymous letter on CNN Great Firewall of China self-censorship, Eason Jordan op-ed; Mark David Chapman under MKULTRA
1:50:20Donation Segment
1:59:22Classic 2011 question non-answer clips: malware attribution via “cross-disciplinary polymorphic analysis made possible by the fusion of data and analytical systems”, “propagator code”
2:10:42Sandy Hook kid in Pakistan school massacre as a way to discredit alternative media; Arizona self-rape hoax picked up by with fabricated 911 call video
2:18:03Obama using ISIL instead of Daesh, JCD: “maybe the other Obama uses Daesh”
2:19:22Shanghai Yangshan Deep-Water Port; Moscow-Beijing high-speed rail
2:22:08Mark Cuban on student loans coming only from US Treasury
2:26:15Academi lobbyist Jeff Shockey to be Intelligence Committee staff director; Harry Reid’s latest “accident” on exercise equipment, 2011 “slip and fall” incident
2:32:26Abbas signs on to International Criminal Court; Prince Andrew, Epstein sex scandal resurfaces
2:34:39Tech News: Morse code on Asus phone tease: “optical zoom”; ACC Honolulu QSO
2:36:20Syrian refugees on cattle boat to Italy, ACC: “where’s Angelina Jolie?”