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682 Sir Duke Don Tomaso Di Toronto Presents “Global Shot” (2014-12-28)

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0:00:00JCD: “By the way, we should mention to the Chinese that if we get screwed, the whole world’s economy collapses and they’re screwed too.”
ACC: “Oh yeah.”
0:00:38Fights at US malls, county fair, ACC’s youth, and Georgian parliament
0:07:08Christmas show reception, withdrawal
0:09:18The Interview man on the street; Obama “y’know that’s not who we are” on self-censorship vs bin Laden photos; The Interview on John Kerry: “forget that oak tree looking fuck!”; JCD: “do not spend any money on this piece of crap”; Norse’s Kurt Stammberger on insider “Lena” with “deep technical background”, “the original demand of the hackers was for money”
0:22:06The Matt & Marie Show: “how could Sony legally accept compensation from North Korea?”, “may I ask you, if the legion of internet users in North Korea should expect to face further disruptions … of their service”; Loxley Pacific; Security Council human rights meeting
0:38:252014’s worst journalist not Richard Quest, it is Don “the using of the teeth” Lemon
0:42:19Producer Segment: producer on Warsaw Über; UK drunkenness zero-tolerance proposal
0:55:53NSA oversight report FOIA release, number of incidents redacted; LOVEINT incident; “there were      of incidents involving the use of improper retrieval strategies against      raw traffic files”, analyst targets own phone; National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993 protection for Consortium for Homeland Security Technology among many; OGSystems CEO kid at hackathon: “figured out the strengths and weaknesses, and they crushed it”
1:11:29Secret Service using volunteers to drive motorcade vehicles, ACC: “it’s an Über driver!”
1:14:48Russian NDAA-like military doctrine released, through 2020: “development of the Arctic zone”; NATO’s destabilizing influence, missile defenses, “global shot” space weapons; Russian $50bn vs US $567bn military budget; BRICS, CSTO, Shanghai Cooperation Organization
1:24:38Florida Bitcoin Bowl, St. Petersburg business accepting Bitcoin; to watch: Russian RSX fund
1:26:12Oil prices: Kerry 9/11 Saudi Arabia visit, uninterruptible production from saltwater fracking; China-Russia currency swap bailout; Nicaragua Canal groundbreaking
1:35:11#AskDrH question for Holdren on permafrost and Arctic Ocean “carbon stocks”, meeting goal requires “global emissions … close to zero by 2100”; OPEC 31.6M barrels per day; European children will never see snow: 15k stranded in French Alps snow
1:42:10Quiz: what’s missing from NBC “what does Christmas mean to you”?; nativity pig head
1:47:36Obama’s Christmas podcast: “I’ll act on my own when it’s necessary”, JCD: “heil Hitler!
1:50:50Ben Carson, Alan West countering the anti-police memes; President’s Taskforce on 21st Century Policing, ACC: “how much you want to bet Sharpton’s on this thing?”
1:57:10Colorado pot update: overdose leads to jumping off buildings
2:03:07Stanford Tourette’s football player Austin Tubbs; the No Agenda tic catalog
2:10:58Donation Segment: Seth McFarlane, Ballmer have Tourette’s; pot + Tourette’s = slow tics
2:33:50Eleanor Clift: “rushing to get to Cuba before it turns into Miami Beach”; ACC’s Lada, JAWA; Barbara Walters driving with Castro “with his gun on my lap”, post-embargo beard shaving
2:42:05The Matt & Marie Show Part Deux: Russian Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin in Havana unnoticed by State Department; Harf called on nonexistence of Iraqi Air Force; China NGO regulation: “NGOs should be able to operate freely”; Gülen extradition request
2:51:29Egyptians medical test for homosexuality; iPad vs book reading interferes with sleep