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681 The Christmas Show 2014 (2014-12-25)

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0:00:00JCD: “Last-minute Charlie works for me.” (0:58:45)
0:00:32“Merry Christmas, slave”, out-of-order recorded special episode; Shows 200.1 and 200.5 don’t give the full origin story; Confessions of an Economic Hit Man on Daily Source Code; JCD reading The Hindus by Doniger; rundown; ACC reading The Unabomber Manifesto and other Essays
0:08:33American vs Dutch discourse patterns, ACC: “oh, you’re a professional, John, let’s be honest, let’s just call a spade a spade”, JCD: “doing what?” (Show 11, 0:07:21); Dutch, Scandinavian forthrightness, JCD: “they’re not being sarcastic when they say they want to go to bed with you”
0:15:49The Genesis of Modern No Agenda (Show 11, 0:14:57)
ACC: “Ah, you know, we don’t usually comment on news stories, but you know this story that’s been whipping around the blogosphere about the RIAA, apparently some lawyer in the court case stated that making a copy of a CD, that that would be deemed stealing”
JCD: “By the way, this is my PC Magazine column for this week, by the way, this discussion”
ACC: “Well, let me just see if we’re talking about the same thing”
JCD: “Yeah, we’re talking about the idea that if you rip …”
ACC: “No, wait wait stop, no stop John, no no, I’m doing my research, listen to this, listen to this: it turns out that this started in a Washington Post article written by a guy named Fisher, I believe”
JCD: “I know, I know, I refer to this article. And then Steve Wellstrom at the Business Week and a few other guys have come out and said this is bull”
ACC: “No, wait, no no, no this doesn’t, no no no you’re missing it, listen to me, let me finish this sentence”
JCD: “Well hurry up!”
ACC: “He only cited half of the quote; the quote that the person from the RIAA made was: if you rip a CD, put it on your hard drive, in a shared folder, that would be deemed illegal, and he chose not to quote that part in the article. That you didn’t know”
JCD: “Well, OK, fine”
ACC: “But that’s a big deal”
JCD: “They have been skirting …”
0:18:26ACC pioneer in No Agenda thought process; listening to reply vs listening to comprehend; the No Agenda autopilot listening experience
0:28:42Silence, noise gates, video, postprocessing; guest pre-interviews vs postmortemsl JCD’s PC Telecommunications radio tour; noise gate off: ACC breathing, JCD’s passing trains; NPR dead sound
0:45:26Feinstein 2010 “next three to six months” revisited; stories No Agenda didn’t follow up on: Mary Kennedy hanging death, Obama “there are white folks, and then there are ignorant motherfuckers like you”
0:50:48Producers: JCD pet peeve notebook, clip ADC/Audacity “last-minute Charlie” protocol, vs rehearsed interviews; “reality TV” as “unscripted drama”; ACC’s Freedom Controller feed aggregator, OPML archiver, Fission on Mac OS, show notes workflow; JCD’s serendipitous CNET Harry Reid wildfire NDAA passage clip
1:13:08Vintage clip: Hawaii missile defense vs North Korea; fearmongering the key to ratings; Ed Schultz: “O’Reilly, the next time you get on an airplane, as I got one on this morning … I thought about the flight attendants”
1:18:51Catch the Gaffe: Sharpton “he was going back home, after buying an iced tea and Skillets candy”, “Skillets and iced tea”
1:20:15Effect of green job hype in California; “compulsive hoarder of firearms” bath with disemboweled deer
1:23:15Technological advances in digital recording for clips; Stolara side-effect disclaimers; No Agenda News Network RSS feeds; Buffet/Gates rail vs Keystone; iPad “app for apes”, Planet of the Apes movie connections; Mark Hawthorne former NYT reporter on homeless calendar; how news stories are chosen in mainstream, tech journalism “cheerleading”; ACC on third-party productions: “please, let us just do it ourselves”; JCD on podcast staff, history of radio advertising, CBS vs NBC blue and red networks
1:42:19voidzero running the infrastructure pro bono, Paul Couture’s Art Generator, JCD story on kid drawing teacher caricature; Sir Jeff Smith jingles, JCD on creativity constipation; virtuoso screamer John Fletcher; Secret Agent Paul jingle list; “yeah, no” verbal quality control; No Agenda for sanity; Kony 2012 producer Jason Russell running around naked in San Diego; hipster San Fransisco “foodie underground” cupcake contest, JCD: “who wants to eat a cupcake, it’s a starch bomb”; Hands Across America, turning off lights for Earth Hour
2:00:04Taylor Swift in No Agenda history, “the problem that I was having with the solo is that it, like, it’s getting a little noodly”; JCD names six Green Day songs
2:05:42ACC: how long can No Agenda continue; The Larry David Show; anticipating vs dreading doing the show, Kaiser Permanente vs Brittany Maynard suicide enlightenment, Aunt Meg: “patriots”; articulation vs revelation; Charles Koch, anti-Vietnam libertarian, reviled by liberals; Koch ghost town
2:14:15Concerns about podcast licences, “lawful content”; JCD: “I think you should do a product”
2:17:16Geraldo Rivera on pot legalization: “maybe the bloom is off the bud”, ACC the weed expert, JCD the air pollution expert; Charlie Rose to Elizabeth Edwards: “why is sexual affairs so big deal?”; Gordon Brown: “next to Obama Beach we join President Obama in paying particular tribute to the spectacular bravery of American soldiers who gave their lives on a… on Omaha Beach”
2:21:02The bat signal: #@pocketnoagenda “we’re live” tweet; countdown
2:24:17Jingles work; ACC will be in Mexico, mass graves clip cut short for Ms. Micky’s benefit