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680 Sir Thomas Nussbaum presents “Sponsored Content” (2014-12-21)

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0:00:00JCD: “What is he talking about? You don’t get a time out!” (1:12:50)
0:00:32JCD under Argentine ant attack, Scripto butane lighter countermeasures, corpse architecture
0:04:20Two more of ACC’s friends dead on Facebook; JCD’s “perfect breakfast” tweet
0:12:04Megatron anti-selfie crusade: “you will not receive a selfie so long as you stand before me!”
0:14:35ACC “we will see North Korea being very, very dangerous” quote from Show 677
0:18:56Obama signs cyber-sharing bill: “I wish they’d spoken to me first”, Michael Linton: “to sort of rehearse for a moment the sequence of events”; Obama: “information sharing across private sector platforms as well as the public sector”; Texas freshman Will Hurd chairing intelligence subcommittee, Libertad Act of “1986”, “that’s my background, that’s my expertise”
0:35:17Producer e-mail: North Korea plus insiders, Bain Capital housecleaning in Sony; Imageworks digital division moved to Vancouver for tax reasons, crap movies, low morale; PBS on Hitler stopping Charlie Chaplain, “melting its hard drives”; David Brooks: “they’re out there all alone”; Obama on self-censorship, The Prophet (1976), Juan Williams firing, ACC Madonna story, NYT editors blind to self-censorship
0:47:53Josh Barro “neoliberal”: “I think they should seize The Interview by eminent domain and release it”, “show it in post offices”; FBI statement: “Sony’s been a great partner in the investigation”, Sony hacked 56 times in last twelve years; CNN on Korean response: “it can prove its innocence without using any torture methods”; Park Geun-hye’s recent reunification talk; Matt to Psaki on Innocence of Muslims: “there is a history of movie criticism … from this building”, “allegedly leaked e-mails”; Obama compares Boston marathon to “cyber-hackers”, “cyber-vandalism”; Obama’s time-out before fourth quarter, “Seth Rogen and James Flacko”
1:14:15Producer Segment
1:26:11Libertad Act of 1996, Obama hobbled without congressional intervention
1:27:45Tony Abbott: “the delicate balance between freedom and security might have to shift”; mass stabbing; 2014 Foreign Fighters Bill “control orders”, ten year sentence for travel to a “declared area” like al-Raqqa, “advocating terror”, passport suspension, whole-family visa cancellation
1:35:351500 more troops to Iraq; ISIS rebranded as Daesh; 2010 60 Minutes on IED detonation via “new and secret technology”; Ash Carter focused more on Southeast Asia than Middle East
1:42:36“Putin hates gays” meme resurrected; Apple price hike in online sales due to ruble volatility; IKEA run; Kim Jong-un to visit next year for pipeline talks
1:47:55Jack Lou: retirement and disability funded for 19 years, disability alone only for two; rich-poor gap at all-time high; 60 Minutes: Tom Coburn “godfather of the Tea Party” on Obama: “I just love him as a man”; Colorado pot legalization lawsuit by Nebraska and Oklahoma
1:56:49The Guardian sponsored content: “sponsored by” vs “brought to you by” vs “supported by”
2:12:18Donation Segment: iOS podcast app top client
2:27:13Uncle Don’s Goldman Sachs contract; to Regional News Network on outsourcing torture to “two yahoos” for $80M, “we’re lousy torturers”; Canadian Maher Arar tortured by CIA
2:35:43Snowden, German pop icon; Berlin the “honeypot city”; Snowden’s missing teeth
2:40:20New York double cop-killer “suicide”, Sharpton in White House; police union back-turning
2:44:00Jeh Johnson on “removal priorities”: “we’re offering people the opportunity to come out of the shadows, submit to a background check, and be held accountable”, JCD: “oh, I’m in Hitler’s Germany, I can now change my name back to Rabinowitz”