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67 Kennedy and the Body Count (2009-01-24)

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0:00:22ACC on U.K. channels 4 and 5, interesting BBC 3; the British TV tax police state, JCD: “just tell them to sod off”; ACC: “C-SPAN is my new favorite channel”, press secretary Robert Gibbs barely in control, Obama reading cue cards on weekly YouTube address; JCD two Obamas theory, “he’s a different guy, why would they have to swear him in a second time?”, no Lincoln Bible for “second Obama”
0:14:11JCD on “foppish weirdo” jury member insisting on being affirmed and not sworn in; inauguration speech blaming economic woes on citizenry; Washington Monument UFO video; Obama jingles; celebrity pledges
0:20:22JCD on gourmet food show: no more salt, high-end chocolate and flavored tea and water
0:24:40Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain’s $1.2M office redecoration, same interior designer who did White House, FDR’s inauguration plate of cold chicken; McDonald’s European expansion; Obama Mount Rushmore meme; two missiles into Pakistan, Gitmo “task force”, Reagan’s “blue ribbon committee headed by John McCone” for student unrest
0:30:49No audio from US Airways 1549 distress call, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger mum at inauguration, upcoming 60 Minutes appearance; TWA 800 and Pierre Salinger; Evening Standard sold to ex-KGB Alexander Lebedev for £1
0:37:48Ted Kennedy’s “special glass of wine” seizure at inauguration, Caroline Kennedy bails out of bid for Hillary’s vacant Senate seat, JCD on film portraying presidents as heads of crime families; Hillary replacement “Republican in Democrat clothing” Kirsten Gillibrand, Andrew Cuomo related to Kennedy family by marriage, ACC on John Jr.’s sabotage; socialist Ted Kennedy; JCD on Hillary’s political career: “she’s out of the picture”
0:46:44Presidential Memorandum rolling back Bush abortion Memorandum, chain of reversals going back to Carter, ACC on irony of protesters throwing eggs at abortion clinics
0:49:25The Wave book and after-school special on Third Reich classroom experiment; JCD recommends Sinclair Lewis’ It Can’t Happen Here and Nien Cheng’s Life and Death in Shanghai, ACC considering doing audio book, unreleased Tom Swift audio books with politically incorrect black dialect; ACC does Kissinger voice, JCD cough syrup Kissinger, Obama New World Order piece; Gordon Brown and “Barrack Obama”; UK to underwrite banks for enormous premiums
1:04:35CNBC Marijuana Inc with Trish Regan; ACC’s movers on Nokia research park tracking military phones surrounding Afghan poppy fields; drone strikes in northwestern Pakistan, US troops torching villages; Obama equivocation on bin Laden; Germans buying BMWs in UK, left-hand manual shifting, left-hand drive and sword arm, JCD Swedish transition joke
1:20:56Stephen Fry documentaries, “only in America”; America Unchained coast-to-coast chain-avoiding trip; planning dinners at Peruvian restaurants; famous person who lived in ACC’s house; carbon footprint of Obama redecoration
1:30:32JCD: “I recorded a Family Guy for you, where Brian becomes a DJ”, Wayne’s World 2 top 40 portrayal, show plug in Financial Times; JCD’s TWiT hoodie solicitations, the mysteries of market penetration and feedback, LeVar Burton on TWiT, JCD’s $500k sales bumps; Dave Winer on JCD’s two personas
1:43:16Outro: ACC on bags of letters in the MTV days; David Icke