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679 Sir Reeshmeister Presents “Self-Starterism” (2014-12-18)

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0:00:00JCD: “Six-pound rodents!” (2:13:00)
0:00:33JCD British Parliamentary booing evergreen
0:01:27ACC & Ms. Micky divorce story resurrected by De Telegraaf, ACC: “I look even goofier”
0:05:54ACC: “you were right” on Fox “trannies”
0:06:29Dershowitz: Sony hack a “war on Christmas”; Caroline Baylon on malware black market; 7000 layoffs at Sony digital; The Interview brought up by media, bogus “Konglish”, dialect differences; ACC to Don Gregg: have Kim Jong-un promote film; FBI 99% certainty; Zakaria on getting “back in”, Rather: “finding a way to get this movie out … is now imperative”, Zakaria: “what is the message ISIS is going to take from this?”; hard-coded paths and passwords
0:22:22Mitnick peddling his wares; Jay Carney: “President Obama and other leaders should speak out for the First Amendment”; 9/11 type attack meme; Burnett: “act of war” vs Stuxnet; Gingrich: “America has lost its first cyber-war”, Carl Bernstein on capitulation; Buck Sexton “on American soil” meme-fest, “it’s a god day for tyranny, a bad day for freedom”
0:38:46Probable reaction to an Obama assassination film; Japanese hate Koreans; Cuban arms shipment to North Korea, scaring corporations into information sharing, word “encryption” never used; insurance policy against downsizing, JCD: “USB 3.0 will really pull stuff down fast”
0:52:20Producer Segment: Texas ISIS Ford F250 story; David Foley
1:06:08NCIS LA: “this bug could crash the entire nation’s grid for weeks”
1:07:34Cuba: July 2014 Russian $34bn debt write-off, possible oil deal not mentioned; producer predicts increase in anti-US propaganda, corruption, prostitution; anonymous spy barely mentioned; Obama on credit cards; Canadians buying up real estate
1:17:39Putin monthly three-hour live podcast: BBC Cold War question, Putin’s declawed bear analogy, asked “do you have love”, hot girlfriend Alina Kabaeva; effect of ruble collapse on EU; Eurasian Economic Union kicks off in January, timing of oil price collapse
1:33:08Lindt attack: Ali Soufan on flag confusion, “bin Ladenism”; AU $10bn over budget presented at same time; Morell: “it shouldn’t surprise people when this happens here sometime over the next year or so, guaranteed”; Philip Mudd: “if you want to try to find those guys, have a good time because I don’t know how you do”; ABC running Radio Liberty footage; humorless Mudd on Colbert; Maajid Nawaz to Pooper: lone wolves vs “phenomenon of the atomization of self-starterism”; five-year-olds being trained for combat in Syria; scorpion bombs; McCain on Pakistan school attack: “it’s going to be a lot worse unless we leave a force behind”, “Taliban inflicting more of these kinds of hee-nous outrageous attacks and murder and mayhem”
1:57:07“So you’re looking for a job in national security” ad from
1:59:08Bush 43 Switzerland trip scrubbed for fear of torture arrest; Vice torture psychologist interview
2:00:28Donation Segment: Kickstarter TAPR amateur radio videls
2:12:05Six-pound rat in New York City
2:13:06The juris doctor take on anonymous voting reducing corporate influence on committees
2:14:46Toys-R-Us layaway meme spreading, “a Pennsylvania Walmart”
2:15:40Kony Invisible Children outfit spent all their money, shutting down
2:17:56$75 Breaking Bad tours in Albuquerque
2:19:45Nebraska school document: twelve easy steps to gender inclusiveness, “gendered space”
2:30:11IPCC Lima all-nighter result: a lame “framework”
2:33:08Lee to Psaki on Turkey in NATO: “there’s a lot of things enshrined in a lot of constitutions”