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677 99 Lines of Code (2014-12-11)

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0:00:00JCD: “Uh, your babe.”
0:00:32Stormageddon skit, some metal flashing torn off JCD’s house
0:05:36LeBronGate; CosbyGate: somnophilia
0:08:45Mistake-filled Newsletter; JCD’s 60 clips; “what do you think, Wolf Blitzer?” evergreen
0:12:07Torture report: everyone spewing the same talking points; week beginning Wednesday December 10 declared Human Rights Week; Fox/PBS “torture is good” clip medley, “tonight Americans at home and abroad are at greater risk than they were 24 hours ago”, “Khalid Sheikh Muhammad getting some water splashed in his face”; rectal feeding; Don Gregg: why was CIA told to do this in the first place, the CIA; Tenet/Goss/Hayden op-ed; Ari Melber: “sometimes in war you do war crimes”; Lawrence Wilkerson on Phil Mudd’s meddling: “these people lied in my presence, they lied to Condy Rice”; Feinstein report redactions; Wilkerson on al-Libbi torture intelligence later recanted
0:32:06Hayden’s new eye-blinking tic; Rodriguez indictment fears; 6M documents instead of interviews; Richard Engel on Sharpton: “I think the country went rogue”; Brooke CNN: Putin wouldn’t release this kind of report, “vacation domestically” recommendation; Major Garrett to Earnest on timing of report; $1.1T spending bill eclipsed; Leahy anecdote on spook joggers; Hayden: “lying is intentionally misleading someone”
0:56:45Selling arms to Poland; Don on lack of CIA whistleblowers, John Kiriakou; Col. Jack Jacobs subtle threats on Senate floor immunity; NDAA folded into appropriations bill, “buying back the sequestration”; Obama: “don’t throw stones in glass houses” as Biblical reference
1:10:17Producer Segment: nine-cent checks from Flint, MI
1:19:08Japanese Constitutional change: Japan and Korea new missile customers, ACC: “we will see North Korea being very, very dangerous”
1:25:56Hour of Code promotion; donor list; public school brain drain, prison conduit
1:36:15Appropriations bill: Boehner promised 72 hour bill posting; tenfold increase in donation cap; DoJ anti-heroin taskforce; Kerry wants new AUMF
1:45:41ACC’s body camera federalization revisited; BET question to Obama on “dealing with white privilege”; Center for American Progress Aisha Mills: “every single poll shows this … white people are running away from Barack Obama”; Holder’s Institute of Justice, justice opposite of poverty meme; Obama: “we’re going to provide more to folks who are doing the right thing and we’re going to be investigating folks who are not doing the right thing”; Eric Holder on “court enforceable consent decree”; Obama: “national problem that’s going to require a national solution”, civilian national security force; JCD on law enforcement vs policing
2:07:26Dutch Mocro Mafia crime wave over cocaine shipment
2:11:13Donation Segment: Angela Kumbera’s anonymous gift; JCD’s Fox “tranny” theory
2:26:01New belt outside Van Allen belt, Apollo “didn’t linger”; anonymous note on dumpstered Saturn V documents; JCD Dell publishing art story, Silicon Spin tapes in basement
2:32:50Dominique Strauss-Kahn to head National Bank of Ukraine; Poroshenko to investigate critics
2:34:06First Look social media team; Megyn Kelly rap cadence
2:39:16NPR: 70% of parents would take kid out of daycare if 25% unvaccinated; JCD on indemnification like gamma irradiation promoting negligence; federal fund for vaccine victims
2:47:07Benjamin Edelman vs Szechuan Garden over four dollars; leaked Sony e-mails
2:51:48Brennan: no useful information from torture; why do it if it doesn’t work meme, JCD: sadists