Call Clooney!

676 #955251 (2014-12-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “A threatening note in broken English.” (1:32:08)
0:00:33JCD to take up fabric dyeing; Pantone “marsala” #955251
0:04:37JCD settles the butter refrigeration controversy
0:07:11National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day; Robert Kagan introducing McCain at FPI: “the least partisan person I know”; McCain: “I think the first thing we really need to address is sequestration”, “cyber issue continues to evolve”, Richard “beach access” Burr, Graham, Corker committee assignments; military cost overruns; “the beheadings had a huge effect on American public opinion”, “the American people need to be told”
0:26:04Peter Pomerantsev on News Hour: “incredible mix of secret services and television producers”; Institute of Modern Russia link; Elementary: “the Trusted Traveler program you gave your prints to, it interfaces with our system”; info-weaponization meme, RT conspiracy theories
0:38:33Hollande “impromptu” Moscow visit, Mistral carrier deal, House Resolution 758 urges NATO to buy the ships, “capable of being nuclear” meme; Mistral electronics theft; Max Keiser on Russian gold-for-energy; McCain warns Bulgaria off South Stream, Juncker: “we will not accept any blackmailing on energy matters”; more Resolution 758 disinformation
1:07:39Producer Segment: JCD recommends Taylor’s Vintage Port
1:25:41Ebola Czar Ron Klane is done
1:26:31International Criminal Court drops all charges against Kenya’s President, Producer Paul: prosecution never asked for phone records
1:31:04Threatening e-mail sent to Sony employees; “mundane, formulaic Adam Sandler films” memo
1:34:35Ferguson: use of the terms “verdict”, “homicide”, ACC: “a hunting accident (hello Dick Cheney)”; body cameras, Federal Protective Service; France 24 take on New York riots; Melissa Harris-Perry on arson “not necessarily violent”; Chicago police radio Stingray reference
1:45:45MH-17 victims seek UN investigation
1:48:17The Matt & Marie Show: Psaki “hot mike” incident, Lee: “what you said says nothing … it’s like saying well, we support the right people to breathe”, Psaki: “that Egypt line is ridiculous”
1:53:32Spot the gaffe: David Brooks “yeah, no”, “y’know” analysis
1:56:46Botched SEAL Team Six Luke Somers rescue; Somers worked for Al Jazeera; South African Gift of the Givers Foundation irked about Pierre Korkie death; Baghdad vicar Andrew White: “they chopped all their heads off”
2:11:13New EU hero “Captain Euro”, David Cameron and the “F” Word “federal”
2:20:41Donation Segment
2:27:20Condoleezza Rice on NCAA playoff selection committee; women’s field hockey
2:30:10Australian surveillance drones; ACC pilot license test sunbather story
2:33:18Brain professor also got flu from the vaccine; CDC apology plugging Tamiflu, Relenza
2:40:16Candy Crowley fired; Marseilles homeless to receive ID cards and a yellow triangle
2:42:13Lanza home to be given to Hartford, contents incinerated
2:43:54David Cameron wants algorithms for social media terrorism policing
2:45:32Cop cut off after raising Garner chokehold as a felony; supervising sergeant also black
2:47:35EU to allow GMO crop bans; giant white truffle auction, Chinese bid turned down
2:50:52Tech news: Merkel calls for “fast lanes”; Ashton Carter directed energy weapon research; Saturn V rocket blueprint search
2:54:29Obama’s sore throat CT scan; CVC’s acid reflux; generic drug prices skyrocketing