Call Clooney!

675 Aristocrats! (2014-12-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “Buy the gas from us but you must also buy a rug.” (1:25:03)
0:00:34Race war finally achieved; de Blasio urges nonviolent protest over Garner chokehold; Democracy Now: “burn this bleep down”; journalist jury duty disqualifications; Obama: “making sure that we have a country in which everybody believes in the core principle that we are equal under the law”; $263M for cameras & training, Seattle ditched body cams, Taser stock price up; taxpayer-funded lawsuit settlements; 3/5 a person meme, Mychal Smith foundational racism quote revisited, Constitution Article 1 Section 2 “three fifths of all other persons”
0:22:28PBS America Reframed on St. Louis projects: “twelve thousand people were originally jammed into these 33 buildings”, “we’re giving you money; we want to be able to control you”; men not allowed to live with families; ACC: “we don’t have a radio and there’s no Jews in the basement”; Ben Carson defends “Nazi Germany” to Brolf; New Black Panther Party, Muslims for Ferguson courtesy of CAIR; upcoming Selma movie, JCD: “thanks Oprah, good work”; Russell Simmons’ manager; Sheriff David Clarke “this pissed me off” on Eric Holder
0:44:45Cosby portrayed as white-privileged; ubiquitous drugging suggests necrophilia, Tennessee Williams’ New York necrophiliac sex club; Jimmy Savile accusations
0:52:13Producer Segment: In Flight UTC watch
1:07:13Putin’s State of the Union: “even in a situation when certain governments are trying to erect something like a new iron curtain around Russia”; new Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko a US citizen, USUBC’s USAID connection; South Stream pipeline to run straight into Turkey & Greece, Erdoğan’s joke about joining Shanghai five; Murmansk prostitute price hike; Turkish over-9% inflation rate
1:30:11Ashton Carter Secretary of Defense candidate instead of Lieberman; A-10 Warthogs to go to Middle East; NATO meeting on ISIL strategy, Iranian airstrikes, “aging F-4 Phantom jets”; new ISIL warnings to service-members, “no indication of a specific threat or target” as usual, JCD: “this is an insult to the American soldier”; Khorasan Group theories; World Food Program out of money, no support for Syrians, WFP debit cards, Safeway in Jordan, JCD: “how can we make money off of refugees? wow”; Red Cross $2.2bn blood shenanigans
1:44:11Toyota to sell hydrogen-powered cars, $4.3M refueling stations; Transatomic Power “waste-annihilating molten salt reactor” WAMSR; gasoline tax increase douchebaggery; 60 Minutes Chernobyl propaganda vs Pandora’s Promise
1:52:54Donation Segment: JCD on EnerGel pens; 12/13/14 “Insta-Knight Presents” title proposal
2:04:54Second Half of Show: Orion launch scrubbed until tomorrow, NASA video: Van Allen belts “an area of dangerous radiation”, “we must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space”, 3600 vs 238k miles, loss of tapes and blueprints
2:11:59Obama at NIH: virus cloning “gel electro… uh… phoresis”; BRAIN Initiative, Adam Voorhes University of Texas brain book Malformed, connection to stolen brains hoax, powerHouse publisher of Vice Photo Book; Shane Smith, Jeff Jarvis on buying “distressed media assets”
2:23:44You Never Die Twice drone report, on three attempts to kill each high-value target
2:27:56Assad statement on ground troops needed against ISIL
2:30:06Snap elections in Sweden because of UKIP-like Sweden Democrats; FRA spying on Russia
2:34:46Venezuelan opposition leader Maria Machado investigated over Presidential assassination plot
2:35:57British guidelines on criminal online posts, “grossly offensive, indecent, obscene, or involve the communication of false information … which results in adverse consequences”