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674 Non-linear War (2014-11-30)

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0:00:00JCD: “Absolutely. Let’s get some dirt on this and show that it’s bogus.”
0:00:37Idiotic web IQ quiz; take survey to read article; sweetened Theresa May “powers we need, powers we need” clip
0:03:11Everyone back at home base, ACC back in TSA good graces; ACC’s interesting Über driver from Ethiopia; U.C. Davis professor: “the American dream is an illusion”, published by CFR
0:09:31Red Book: Afghan “bird bomb” shootdown
0:11:47Looney Tunes “yeah yeah yeah”; Newsroom global warming meme-bomb: “the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has passed a long-feared milestone”, “poison gas”, Kaplan 91 revisited; World Bank “new climate normal” mitigation report, Potsdam Institute, “do not necessarily reflect” disclaimers
0:24:03US asylum for 969 Russian gays, Radio Free Europe’s James Kirchick: “horrific anti-gay legislation that Vladimir Putin has signed into law”, FPI fellow; Institute of Modern Russia: Kremlin “weaponizes” information, culture, money, “Kremlin Tool Kit” chapter, “non-linear war”, disinformation rating scale via NGO, “charter of acceptable and unacceptable behavior”, counter-disinformation editors, libel fund, Kirchick on strained German-American relations, RT “conspiracy theories”
0:49:18European Council on Foreign Relations “Regime change in Russia” memo; Russian oil consultant on South Stream: “without Russian gas, the situation in Europe will be extremely difficult”; Sergey Lavrov: West using sanctions for regime change; Finnish producer: Putin always on front page; Uncle Don on his Putin portrayal
1:04:18Producer Segment: JCD’s NPR podcasting interview
1:33:24Elvira King on Ferguson cleanup; Keystone pipeline runs under Ferguson; “hands up don’t shop”, Oakland transit shutdown; Keystone FOIA requests; Austin vest shooting
1:40:43Hagel kicked out by Susan Rice over memo; Michèle Flournoy’s Center for a New American Security, Red Book: Lieberman for Secretary of Defense; McCain’s al-Baghdadi Twitter photo
1:51:34Woman’s finish line screech; millennials in medicine, video streams and happy hour, “we absolutely consult Wikipedia, not the library, to find the most up-to-date medical research”; patient sharing
1:59:05Kerry on American refusal to pay ransoms; botched Bergdahl ransom attempt; Foley’s mother on information vacuum; JCD: “Bill Gates is kidnapped by a terrorist group. The world’s richest man. What happens?” ACC: “fuck him!”
2:03:32Moldova EU vs Russia referendum; Swiss gold repatriation bill; Obama nesting doll with Jarrett, Michelle, Michelle’s mom, Kerry’s head, Power
2:07:26Pope Francis to European Parliament: Europe a barren grandmother; MSNBC on Brittany Maynard euthanasia, California law: “they seem to go with Catholic religion”
2:13:05Tech news: Apple price hike in Russia; article on Taibbi/Omidyar woes
2:16:55Donation Segment
2:26:55Chinese pollution B-roll vs sandstorms
2:32:25World AIDS Day, National Impaired Driving Prevention Month
2:33:56“Three sticks of butter” Thanksgiving according to Calorie Control Council
2:35:12David Pook on Common Core: “the reason why I helped write the standards … is that as a white male in society I’ve am given a lot of privilege that I didn’t earn” (CotD)