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672 Taboose (2014-11-23)

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0:00:00JCD: “Oh, right, you probably stunk.” (2:07:43)
0:00:31ACC in the Netherlands an hour early on the live stream, JCD off North after the show, JCD suggests early start “for your sake”; the Netherlands grey tunnel; ACC at Wagamama with CVC, Polish servers, ACC: “how’s that visa situation?”; trashy Über Austin airport trip; “sky partner”, “KLM Pearl”, JCD’s TSA ; Røde Procaster as C-4 canister or dildo
0:12:03Sinclair Lewis’ Babbitt; P.O. box junk mail; L. Ron Hubbard’s The Science of Survival
0:16:29Dutch newspapers on secret gold reserve repatriation, Red Book: retaliatory gold price drop; Dutch board game, electric car advertisements; Poke & PIN dollar vs euro: $1.2386 vs $1.2952 scam, still requires signature, no PIN, ACC: “the Starbucks girl was really funny”
0:24:19The war on chicken: avian flu in Netherlands, “farmers are biting their nails ahead of the make-or-break Christmas season”, 11-year avian flu cycle, not burning carcasses yet
0:29:23Countdown reunion photo shoot for cheap Veronica magazine; economy-class downsizing
0:33:45Producer Segment: Aftermath film; Dos Equis & Dutch dominatrix
0:46:36Al-Shebab executions for those unable to recite Koran; Curry family Psalm 121 going-away prayer; Tourette’s neat-freak OCD; British beheading plot suspects
0:53:09UKIP wins another seat; “Single Supervisory Mechanism” Haiku Herman’s last gasp: “revolution in Europe’s financial architecture”, JCD: “I’m surprised they’re not pinning medals on each other”, “we must put aside taboose”; Germany on Merkel NSA spying: “never mind”
1:03:24Disney Jr. salute to military: JCD: “I like to play with my dad and call him a Russian?”; Halifax “Fortress North America” trade show with McCain, “largest Congressional delegation ever”, ISIS a “direct threat to the United States of America and that of course means Canada as well”; RT needling on Serena Shim vs cement truck in Turkey, World Food Program connection; Biden promises more humanitarian aid; Shim’s minimalist past-tense Wikipedia article; Red Book: Erdoğan assassination; French jihadists, internet “prize hunting ground”
1:25:55Biden in Ukraine, US-guaranteed $1bn sovereign bond, US post-putsch “advisors”; Constitutional reform; Broadcasting Board of Governors starting Russian-language broadcasts
1:38:39Über Sarah Lacy story broken by Lyft investor Buzzfeed; ACC on slave taxi business; 40-year cycles and the decline of hitchhiking, JCD Tahoe motorcycle hypothermia story; France vingt-quatre on petition against dating coach Julien Blanc
1:51:50Immigration Executive Action: “prosecutorial discretion” absent from posturing; Juan Gonzalez on “temporary resolution”, Republicans “anti-immigrant, anti-women, anti-poor, anti-women”; Task Force on New Americans, “felons not families” discretion, DHS Brownshirts, Cheng Life and Death in Shanghai, Lewis It Can’t Happen Here, Ms. Micky’s border checkpoint run-in; JCD Canadian flu shot story
2:13:33Lauren Smith’s moral self-licensing essay follow-up
2:15:42Donation Segment
2:29:12Academic paper on No Agenda gender roles: JCD “assumes the role of the placating husband”; stammering and tongue clicking
2:39:32Vice story on Fukushima radiation “continuing and serious concerns”, coverup meme, “radiation levels 168 times worse than Hiroshima”; Atomic Rod on Cs-137; Vice worth $8bn?
2:52:01Anthony Bourdain in Paris tweeting food selfies (CotD)
2:55:16Prosecutors urged to stop foot-dragging and question Assange in London
2:58:03Tech news: SPDY reaction; Bitcoin billionaire saves OpenBSD; Li-Fi; WhatsApp “blue dot”