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669 Strategic Patience (2014-11-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “Throttle ’em! Let’s throttle ’em! Let’s throttle ’em!
0:00:33JCD: “there’s this strange liquid falling from the sky”; Michio Kaku on superstorm Nuri: “all Hell breaks loose”, “bombogenesis”, ACC: “that’s today, John, it’s peaking!”; CNN Carol spouts the 98% meme to Ron Christie on global cooling, “who’s your source, Rush Limbaugh?”; O’Reilly slips in “counter to most scientific opinion”, 31,487 scientists on petition; Climate Science Legal Defense Fund’s new executive director Lauren Kurtz; G20 in Brisbane after repeal of carbon tax; China climate and tariff deals, “doing nothing for sixteen years is politically unsustainable”, Michael Oppenheimer: “this is huge as far as I’m concerned”; CSLDF to prevent future Climategates
0:24:07Xi Jinping’s precarious position: “Xi did well for himself”
0:27:25David Sugarman organized Dennis Rodman trip to North Korea, “New York channel”; e-mail from Uncle Don, public radio interview, UN human rights report, “I’d rather talk to them than fight them”, “I was in and out of the white House in twenty minutes” with note from Kim Jong-Il, “strategic patience”
0:43:55$1.4bn in missile sales to South Korea, 2015 defense handoff from US to South Korea; questions for Don, JCD: “you work for us now; you bring more basketball”; Russian patriotism
0:53:27Al Jazeera: Russia lying about military involvement for domestic audience; Brolf: “Russian tanks and Russian troops are rolling across the border; Russia denies it”, Breedlove: “we see forces that are capable of being nuclear”; Russian bombers in the Gulf of Mexico, “provocative routes”, “tensions very, very high”
1:07:09Producer Segment
1:18:13Editor-in-chief John Cook leaving First Look Media, hot on Matt Taibbi’s heels; Greenwald obit quoting Scahill; JCD: “bring in somebody from TMZ”
1:28:15Hawaiian anto-Obama “Dissapoint-mints”, “Lemon Flavored Eaves-drops”; Debbie Wasserman Schultz not answering Gwen Ifill’s “which is worse?”; ask Adam: “deep dive look”; Chuck Hagel’s face vs kitchen cabinet door
1:34:35ACC depressed and drinking with Eric the Constitutional Lawyer over proposed net neutrality rules; Obama “buffering…” video: “there are no toll roads on the information superhighway”, ubiquitous “consumer” meme, no blocking if “the content is legal”, forum response on kiddie porn; encryption ban; no throttling, Netflix appliances; JCD’s Comcast bandwidth woes
1:54:50“Last mile”, paid prioritization “slow lane” ban; AP: “consumer groups and content providers hailed Obama’s move”, JCD: “hail Obama!”; Ted Cruz: “net neutrality is Obamacare for the internet”; no free speech on ham radio, cable regulation an FCC goal; Ms. Micky’s brassiere options, Megan Kelly “Mike Huckabee who’s host of Fuck… of Huckabee”
2:09:57Donation Segment: ACC: “ve haff vays of making favorite horses die!”; CNN Rachel Crane
2:26:47JCD’s squeaky mike stand and Ranch Hand spray lubricant
2:28:00Upcoming DSM entry orthorexia nervosa; “DDT truck” conversation with Ron & Peggy
2:34:40American Dad “zoology” mispronunciation; Guess the Movie: Private School; ACC recommends Sex Tape
2:39:30Ebola: Bob Geldof and Band Aid 30; DoD budget; Google & Facebook raising ebola money; ebola in Mali; Geldof on UN bankroll
2:46:20Mexico on the brink of revolution, state congress building and presidential palace door torched, Mexican military “fancy ideas”; Tlatlaya massacre trial