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668 Exploding Generator (2014-11-09)

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0:00:00JCD: “You guys are kind of entertaining but I’m out.” (2:03:16)
0:00:32Taylor Swift Spotify kerfuffle; Soundcloud up and coming; record labels investing; “70% of all revenues” to the “music community” go to labels, songwriters get next to nothing
0:09:51Wall Street Journal article with ACC; NPR Serial podcast $25-40 CPM, cost per mille; Podtrac an attempt at Nielsen-like numbers; ACC “I don’t have to have any meetings” quote
0:17:27Veterans Day concert, Obama on stage with Willie Nelson; World Freedom Day; Roman Polanski saga, Hollywood anti-Poland sentiment source of repurposed Nazi “Polack” jokes
0:28:15Robin Williams’ toxicology: no illegal drugs, no names disclosed; suicide linked to lowered inhibitions; no insight on Deutsche Bank suicide
0:33:55Producer Segment: the “talk to all the lawyers” divorce strategy;
0:47:32Clapper involved in North Korea release of Matthew Todd Miller and Kenneth Bae; note from Obama, ACC: “dear Kim, I’m in the shitter; please help me turn the news cycle away from my lameness”; Miller a spook; Free Kenneth Bae campaign’s David Sugarman a sports promoter; Red Book: basketball North Korea’s national sport
0:58:45Soccer corruption; Lick Observatory funding; student loan Social Security garnishing; Eisenhower’s “military industrial academic complex”; IRS bank account withdrawals; private collections contractors; KSBW weather: “I wish the rain was pink” (CotD)
1:12:12Evil clown attacks in France; Red Book: ISIS clowns
1:17:26Google, NRG Energy Systems seeking Federal grant to pay off Federal loan; John Kutsch on solar cell costs and vulnerabilities: “I am at the fucking end of this shit”; solar collectors in the 1970s; German industry hurting from energy costs; World Vasectomy Day November 7th
1:28:16Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit on Russian dollar collapse plot; Martin Kaplan’s 91 shows redux; “they’ll recover, we won’t”; dollar creeping up against euro; J.P. Morgan Gazprom bond; Kerry on information exchange agreement: “we do have some disagreements about some of the facts on the ground with respect to Ukraine”; Russian government-linked “black energy” hacker attack on infrastructure, Homeland Security’s exploding generator, CERT has nothing on Russia, “implement policies requiring the use of strong passwords”; JCD predicts CSI Cyber: “you work dark alleys, I work the dark net”, “it’s not the perfect crime, it’s cyber-crime”
1:44:14Clowns again: Steven King’s upcoming It remake
1:45:39Tech news: Amazon Echo; NA Magic 8-Ball assistant “Dude”; vehicle kill switches, log-based ticketing; Governance magazine on States’ financial difficulty, Dutch poke-and-pin cabs
2:00:12Donation Segment: ACC on EnerGel pens; $56.78 Tom’s posthumous knighthood donation
2:12:44Stephen Cohen on “so-called Russian incursions”, “do we expect the Russians not to react?” to NATO buildup; specific mention of Sweden, possible Assange or North Korea connection; Philip Breedlove on “little more provocative flight path”; Catalonia’s illegal independence “referendum”; UK on installment plan for EU payment; yen and commodities down
2:24:52Latvian foreign minister #proudtobegay; The Advocate person of the year: Hitler Putin
2:31:18Another ISIS strike, al-Baghdadi possibly killed, ACC: “how may times are we going to kill this guy?”; Politico call for Jarrett firing
2:33:12BBC on new and-to-end encrypted Android OS to chagrin of GCHQ; “techie guys”, 800k people had access to Snowden files
2:41:43Fake bleeped word clip from Kimmel; Charlie Rangel on “dixiecrats” and slavery
2:48:33ACC to play basketball with Ms. Micky, ACC: “I’m sure she knows how to dribble”