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667 Arming A-Holes (2014-11-06)

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0:00:00JCD: “These women don’t listen to the show.” (2:31:00)
0:00:32Explanation of “bat signal” forthcoming on Christmas meta-show; conversations that never make it on the show; ACC upcoming New York, Mexico trips, Europe “secret mission”
0:07:26Berkeley large soda tax, doesn’t apply to diet, Rumsfeld aspartame connection; Molly Wood’s bamboo utensils; Greg Abbott new Texas Governor, legal open carry campaign
0:11:54Election results: Republicans scared their way to victory; McCain to chair Armed Services Committee, FPI on “rebuilding” US military; 55% of Republican voters concerned about foreign policy; bogus inflation and unemployment numbers, Gwen Ifill laughing at the shitizens; Van Jones “other America” voting; Michaela Pereira to Mia Love on “fair shot at getting a seat at the table”; Obama “drink with Mitch McConnell” before & after; prospects for Republican TPP support; Democrat female vote strategy; two new “weed” legalization initiatives
0:34:05Ebola: BBC “soundseeing tour”, WHO numbers; Presidential $6.5bn ebola emergency appropriations request to Congress, positioning video with musical background; Psaki on Samantha Power’s “low risk” Africa tour, “hand washing protocols”; Dempsey: “they’re not health care workers”, “we did factor in science; physics is the science we factored in”, “major military operation, big things on a global scale”
0:50:52Isha Sesay on Sierra Leone lockdown: “there are people dying of hunger because they can’t get out to the farms”, the fine art of listening, haircut meme; $6.5bn breakdown, $333M for Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund, $2bn to USAID; Anthony Banbury, formerly regional director for arms-dealing World Food Program, Bob Geldof fundraiser, Burkina Faso military coup, rubblize areas around our oil, arming a-holes
1:13:42ACC’s call from Wall Street Journal about Mailchimp
1:15:27Producer Segment: new Ramsey Cain CD; return of Healthy Surprise
1:24:47Ban Ki blunders: with Conchita Wurst in “Australia” Austria
1:30:31Routing money through Luxembourg, “IKEA Bank”; Joe Kernen: “you have euros in Ireland?”
1:39:01The Halloween scare story: meth Pixy Stix; “honey hash oil” explosion
1:44:26Reuters Russian Steve Jobs memorial story debunked: it was broken
1:51:15NSA head Admiral Mike Rogers on sharing vulnerabilities, NSA discovered Heartbleed and shared it with private sector, “you don’t have to tell anybody this came from NSA”; Kaiser Alexander’s financial disclosure forms, investing in NSA-related AT&T-related company
2:01:03Agenda 21: “pioneering women”, “changemaker”; Kerry: “that still wouldn’t be enough to counteract the carbon pollution coming from China and the rest of the world”; Christine Milne: “do you want death or do you want coal?”; Australia trip planning
2:10:19Donation Segment
2:21:23William Engdahl on Syria’s refusal to sign agreement for US-favoring pipeline from Qatar; Unocal Trans-Afghanistan pipeline; Jason Calacanis “conspiracy theory” tweet
2:25:59Nicaragua Canal opposition, Chinese going door-to-door with police, “no Chinos” signs
2:27:49Hungary backpedals on internet tax; Spanish Google tax; Merkel giving up on keeping Great Britain in the EU; precious metals and oil down; Republicans and Democrats both bribed by natural gas lobby; Saudi Aramco hit
2:38:37Brittany Maynard’s suicide, Compassion & Choices formerly Hemlock Society; Medicaid, Kaiser funding for study of reducing “unnecessary hospitalizations”; “dead mom” stories; distinguishing terminal illness and major depression; death industry up-selling