Call Clooney!

666 Slavery Enrollment Month (2014-11-02)

Show 666 album art
0:00:00JCD: (in tube) “Beyond stupendous!” (1:18:58)
0:00:36Show 666 is here; ACC’s Halloween in “the ghetto”, “celebration of sluts”, 1970s Berkeley hookers, sexy ebola nurse
0:09:26National {Slavery Enrollment College Application, Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness, Family Caregivers, Native American Heritage, Adoption, Entrepreneurship, Military Family, Diabetes, Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience} Month; ACC Smokey Bear kit story
0:21:59No Agenda Mark of the Beast song
0:23:05Boko Haram update: girls now converted to Islam and married, ACC: “divorce our girls”
0:24:58Antares Russian-made rocket explosion a self-destruct; amateur radio satellites on board; Virgin Galactic experimental fuel explosion, Ms. Micky approached by company, Joel Glenn Brenner on enthusiasm vs technology gap, “I don’t see them at least being able to carry anybody into space in the next ten years”; China’s unmanned lunar mission recovered
0:36:51Dvorak-Horowitz on QE not really ending due to reinvestment; European interest rate 0%, euro dropping; JCD recommends Chinon wine in France
0:41:35Elementary Sherlock Holmes pronunciation of “zoology” as “zoo-ology”
0:42:58IPCC report just in time for the elections; billionaire Tom Steyer campaign; Graham Nash on Morning Joe: “I often wonder, don’t the Koch brothers have children?”; Ban Ki-moon: “three-cheese messages”, “science has a-spoken”; Weather Channel “cofounder” John Coleman shuts down Brian Stelter: “if you’re going to get the money, you gotta support their position”
1:08:07Podcast renaissance, 99% Invisible Kickstarter, commuters sick of commercial-filled radio
1:12:11Weather channel Coleman rebuttal: “the science is pretty clear about climate change”
1:15:35Producer Segment: Art Generator makeover
1:42:23Aeroflot naming new low-cost line Victory; Russian supermarkets doing well because of European food ban; Europe paying for Ukraine’s gas to keep Russian shutoff, ACC: “yes, people of Ukraine, you will have gas to heat your home, unfortunately your home will be a tent”
1:46:17Tech news: IBM/Twitter Watson partnership: “the new natural resource, comparable in impact to coal to iron to iron ore”; Two Techies podcast propagating Apple “mid-seventies” 1990s post-Steve decline myth; FTDI USB controller chip driver bricking counterfeits; FCC hybrid common carrier plan backed by Mozilla Foundation; Condé Nast owns Ars Technica
2:13:22Donation Segment: Mimi’s birthday
2:31:16SARI letter on costs of Fukushima evacuation
2:34:27Tim Cook outed years ago; “soften the blow” for Hillary & Huma, Red Book: Hillary out after series of high-profile outings
2:40:10Castle clip: “you know the problem with anonymity, there is no accountability; it empowers cowards to be bullies”; Martin Kaplan “91 different television shows” revisited; buyout skit
2:46:43Americans can’t get bank accounts overseas; German finance minister: “banking secrecy in its old form is obsolete”, 2017 transition, 2018 for Switzerland; difficulty and expense of wire transfers to offshore banks; Dutch “poke and PIN”, have to check out of transportation to stop the meter, no truly anonymous cards; ACC 15-year-old Dutch IRS tracking story
2:55:00ACC: most recent Newsletter “one of the best pieces of work you’ve ever done”
2:55:56Eric Frein love triangle, US Marshalls involvement; “getting your face shoved to the ground is a very small price to pay”
2:59:34NSA SIGINT director Teresa Shea’s resignation