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665 Jihadi Cool (2014-10-30)

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0:00:00ACC: “Excuse me, we’re talking about quarantine from ebola, not haircuts!” (1:37:02)
0:00:36San Franciscans burning down city over sports win; BitTorrent Sync plug; JCD on dismal Costco wine situation
0:06:42Tech news: Tim Cook out of the closet; Red Book: government blackmail and Apple Pay sabotage over encryption; new FBI criminal procedure regulations on electronic search and seizure, ACC: “you can tweet: hey, we just searched your drive
0:15:01The sorry state of tech reporting: “suspicious cyber-activity” on White House network, “tip from an ally”, “Russian hackers”; Phoenix computer system: “people trying to access the web site in their internet-based system”; John McAfee the virus inventor, John Markoff taken of Morris worm story; DDoS to “get into the system”; Scorpion: “we’re accessing his car’s operational mainframe”, “raising engine temp”
0:34:59CBS News president Rhodes’ brother counterterrorism director; Sheryl Atkinson’s iMac “wiping out files at hyper-speed”, no interviews until her book is released
0:40:31Hungarian internet tax protests, South Stream pipeline hosting, Victoria Nuland: “the twin cancers of democratic backsliding and corruption”; Putin’s pancreatic cancer rumor; “startling” Russian flights over Europe; Russian hackers messing with White House; Psaki questioned on Valdai speech; Reagan dropped “evil empire” term after visiting, made Saudis drop oil to $10 per barrel; where did Ukraine’s IMF money go?
0:58:06Producer Segment: NA artwork on checks; April Australia & New Zealand trip
1:18:22Reflections on seven year anniversary; Shows 200 and 200.5
1:19:52New York Times “where are the ebola patients?” article; WHO on ebola slowdown; Dr. Fauci on monkey vaccine development ten years ago, BARDA tasked with “biodefence medical countermeasures”, power to force vaccination; Johnson & Johnson in the game; Elizabeth Warren on Christie’s involuntary quarantine, “we put money into funding ebola”; Josh Earnest on military quarantine as haircut; oil in Congo; Gardasil FAQ: no reduction in cervical cancer
1:39:28JCD’s scam e-mails from Comey, PayPal,, FBI has no such thing; McDonald’s anti-McDonald’s advertisement; McDonald’s infographic PR e-mails
1:44:05University of California Bill Maher cancellation petition; European Muslim tinderbox
1:49:31Turkey allowing Peshmerga; Chambliss: “killing them is the only option”; Frontline on Iraqi military collapse in Mosul; Michael Leiter: ISIS “going after jihadi cool”; Kaiser Alexander not playing along with Cavuto’s “loosen spying reins”; Feinstein on “lone wolf phenomenon”; Canadian on Rob Ford’s departure: “it’s like ISIS coming to Toronto!”; CSIS funding bill up for review at time of shooting; Wolf of Wall Street recommendation
2:12:32Obama in Wisconsin: “you can vote all week!”; Rebel Pundit anti-Obama video; blacks too all-in Democratic to have any political clout
2:17:42Donation Segment
2:26:41Democracy Now guy kicked out of Urban Shield convention; Tsarnaev supposedly found via infrared camera, Coburn sets the record straight
2:31:55Race = nationality meme; Martin Couture-Rouleau’s portrayal as racist; Farage the racist
2:38:56Hagel at Atlantic Conference: “I think we are seeing a New World Order”
2:40:49FCC’s Tom Wheeler letter on de-bundling cable and local content through legislation
2:48:00Today Show at haunted Eastern State Penitentiary
2:53:00Castle “it takes 20 minutes to reboot!”