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664 Boss Ass Look (2014-10-26)

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0:00:00JCD (drunk voice): “Hey glad to see ya. Hell yeah!”
0:00:32Seven-year anniversary cupcakes from Ms. Micky; Jack Bruce dead at 71; Henry Ford: “history is bunk”; daylight saving time in Europe, UTC leap seconds, ACC’s “UTC watches?”
0:07:18Marysville, Washington shootings; KTLA violent news teasers; number 33 football jersey pictures; Russia Today on love triangle cousins; producer on Frybergs as a-holes; SWAT training held the day before; Initiative 594; more realistic than Sandy Hook
0:18:15Caliphate in Canada, sports militarism “boss ass look”; “somewhere Obama bin Laden is laughing”, rumor of bin Laden’s body brought back; Peter King: “I don’t want to scare anybody, nobody should feel safe”, “we should not be politically correct” for Muslim shakedown
0:26:31Chinatown tour bus guide berating Chinese: “fuck your little seafood fucking markets with your turtles and your frogs” (CotD)
0:30:07Turkey not taking the Kobani bait; football tailgate at the border: “feeling that Turkey’s more comfortable with the Islamic State on its borders rather than any incarnation of a Kurdish state”; $2.77 gas in Texas; Wes Clark on Tavis Smiley, new book Don’t Wait for the Next War, top five list of challenges, comparing Putin to Hitler; Holocaust Museum Syrian atrocities exhibit, witness “Caesar” photos with no EXIF data, Chertoff on Museum board
0:46:57Elections in Ukraine, Daily Beast “Ukraine Rebels Love Russia, Hate Gays, Threaten Executions” headline; Soros op-ed; Putin at Valdai Discussion Club: US “supporting some very murky activists, from open Nazis to very dangerous Islamic fundamentalists”; RT MH17 documentary on State Department involvement in Ukraine crisis; JCD’s school report on Russian front groups; Putin’s answer for Toby Gati: mercenaries, “Russia does not seek confrontation”; high end stereo magazine code to placate advertisers
1:18:39Producer Segment: ACC: “no, it’s not awesome; immaculate conception is awesome
1:37:46California college foot fondling arrest
1:38:50Britain’s extra €2.1bn EU membership dues; 59% of EU budget for “sustainable growth: natural resources”; Lithuania’s “Iron Lady” GrybauskaitÄ—: “I’m sorry but better to be more precise with calculations”; Nigel Farage on need for British referendum; bank stress test results in; Strauss-Kahn parter Thierry Leyne, Deutche Bank lawyer suicides, Libor connection
1:56:52Increase in Twitter use for sending links to ACC
1:58:32Economic hit man weighs in on ebola; scathing inspector general report on DHS preparedness; Nina Pham’s dog quarantined at Dallas “old military base”; ebola Halloween decorations, JCD’s local Herbert the Pervert; “wearing mask” “as a precaution” at airport; Bill Maher: “those morons in that fucking hospital in Dallas”, “they love their freedom down in Texas”
2:17:14Donation Segment: $77.66 ghetto pass reinstatement donation; tweet Knight certificates
2:33:34Producer Red Book prediction: Walmart post-chip-and-PIN data breach
2:35:29Do-nothing Bonn climate meeting; 2015 trip to Japan with CVC
2:37:24War on Twitter: “trolls on Twitter” meme; The Real vs The View, Whoopi Goldberg on cardinals overriding Pope on gay policy; NPR pushing gay-friendly Bible meme, Bible copyrights
2:43:30Tech News: bad Apple iPhone advertisements; White House computer outage; sunspot news, ACC’s handhelds in Faraday bag, the uses of aluminum foil; USPTO opts to do nothing on “patent trolls”, stupidity of software patents
2:55:10War on Chicken: California to ban eggs from small-cage farms
2:59:13CSI bad acting clip, “stripper named Tangerine”; Hillary bad acting clip on trickle-down