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663 Pupil Progression Plan (2014-10-23)

Show 663 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Everybody looks like a douchebag now.”
0:00:39ACC ill but soundin’ good; Pop Austin art get-together; 102.9°, witch in the house on the hill
0:08:25Nigeria ebola-free; WHO 42-day magic number; Ron Klane’s atrocious toupee, world population clip; Obama “broken travel” revisited: “countries where there is a disease in place”
0:13:08Persons of Interest: “we can go to NSA’s sources, the back doors; I’ll do Google, you take Yahoo”; NSA CTO working part-time for Kaiser Alexander, NSA SIGINT director Teresa Shea’s NSA sub-subcontractor company Telic Networks
0:18:01Ted Cruz flight ban fear porn; GlaxoSmithKline CEO on vaccine development, indemnification; Ronan Farrow obsessed with bats, ACC: “hey Ooga Booga, did you bring the hand sanitizer?”, “is this also inadvertent contact of other kinds with these bats?” debunked; Kirby on rapid response team and Posse Comitatus; Red Book: Gabon next for ebola given Shell gas discovery; NBC cameraman “no more virus in my blood” meme; DHS designated airports
0:41:42Canadian Parliament Hill attack, ACC: “welcome to the party Candinavia!”
0:42:13Producer Segment: DM1 aluminum wallet; Twin Engine coffee; Ramsey Cain print tutorial
1:03:49Dr. Kiki “it was worth it!” revisited; JCD busted for “craisin”
1:05:13Hunter S. Thompson 9/11 reading: “baffled little creep like George W. Bush”; coalition coincidences; PBS: “mass shooting”, CBS: “this is a new kind of event for Canada”, Mansbridge: “people crying in the streets”, NORAD alert, Arlington security, ACC: “those jihadists are now attacking our dead people!”; Obama: “obviously we’re all shaken by it”; FBI and DHS lone wolf warnings for local police; Sharpton: “what’s the latest tonight in Iowa?” (CotD)
1:21:25Red Book: war on Twitter; Monica Lewinsky’s anti-bullying campaign, JCD: “I heard the campaign sucks”, “I was patient zero, the first person to have their reputation completely destroyed worldwide via the internet”; proposed British “internet troll” law
1:32:52Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications Welcome to the Islamic State land propaganda; air drop training hand grenades; Lebanon being roped in; Denver teenage girls, “Islamic State Group”
1:46:11White House fence jumper “attempted to kick the attack dogs”; Nashville police asked by Secret Service to “wave a piece of paper” to fake a warrant
1:54:15Hillsborough County “dropout” ban; no grades under 50% in Orange County “pupil progression plan”, JCD: “what are they, wine tasters?”
1:57:09Donation Segment: ACC’s ghetto pass revoked; ACC running out of steam
2:14:03Patrick Moore & Irwin Jackson climate change debate on Australian TV, “I’m actually not a professor”, NASA misquote, four atomic bombs every second meme
2:28:48Defective airbag NHTSA advisory for “Southern red states”; CNN swapped out for MSNBC on JCD’s dish system; Hollywood Reporter on television disrupting internet, Adobe spyware
2:36:56Palin brawl “best minute and a half of audio”
2:38:55Azar Nafisi: books “taught as handmaidens to something political or ideological” in college; Sinclair Lewis’ Babbitt; Common Core
2:46:11JCD on best projector choice
2:49:42Russian sub off Sweden, commander: “I would even go so far to say, as that’s fucked up”
2:51:18Total Oil CEO: $30bn Total/Gazprom deal
2:53:17Apple, Facebook paying for egg freezing, Sarah Elizabeth Richards: “so they froze for love”
3:00:48On the Media Jacob Appelbaum interview in the sauna