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662 Barama (2014-10-19)

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0:00:00JCD: “Bup… flash, flash flash!”
0:00:32JCD’s professional musical siren; “we don’t like to foster a competitive atmosphere” clip
0:01:37Dr. Kiki’s flu shot: “it was worth it!”; herd immunity
0:04:33Ebola jingles; White House “ebola czar” Ron Klain, Josh Earnest: “not an ebola expert, but rather an implementation expert”, Obama/Klain skit, “whole-of-government approach”, ACC: “he’s a super-lobbyist”; travel ban would impact soldier health worker mobility; Obama talking to unnamed “world leaders”: “I think more and more of them are stepping up”, “I don’t have a philosophical objection, necessarily, to a travel ban”; even Ms. Micky having nightmares, Hollywood diseases with fifteen-second incubation, Scanners exploding head
0:23:06Obama on travel ban effectiveness, “broken travel”, “I continue to push, and ask our experts whether in fact we’re doing what’s adequate”; CNN on “hysteria”, “we don’t have any direct flights”, TourĂ© leaking bathtub “paint rubber walls” analogy; “trust-building exercises in government”; Republican “that’s a yes or no question” to Frieden; Sam Stein: “when you look at a travel ban, you have to look at it holistically”; vomiting D.C. tour bus rider, Presidential podcast: “you cannot get it from casual contact like sitting next to someone on a bus”
0:38:42Johns Hopkins’ Michael Osterholm’s vaccine “plan C”, “getting it into somebody in Africa”, “cold chain”; Sam Stein: we would have vaccine if not for budget cuts; Ron Klain’s brother’s anti-Republican Twitter feed; LZ Granderson on ebola as election issue
0:50:55Producer Segment: Kilbride’s No Agenda - Saving America: Shut Up Slaves!
1:14:56Boko Haram defeated by bickering schoolgirls (CotD); no more Gamergate e-mails, please
1:20:36“President Barama” rejected credit card joke at signing ceremony for Executive Order on financial transaction security, upgrade EBT terminals with Federal money; compromised credentials to be sent to government; Citibank/FICO credit score deal
1:34:16Viagra advertisement with creepy British woman
1:36:42Old food bank Hamburger Helper clip; New York’s Glorious mac & cheese restaurant
1:38:45S.2826 Strengthening Forgiveness for Public Servants Act for partial student loan forgiveness
1:43:44New UN initiative for Libya
1:45:24Matt Lee asks Kirby about Hagel’s “revisionist Russia” army on “NATO’s doorstep”, “I’m pretty sure it wasn’t NATO who put little green men inside Ukraine”, “I barely got a history degree at the University of South Florida” meltdown, Psaki: “other countries feel threatened”; Chernobyl sarcophagus funding woes, Sir Atomic Rod: dome unnecessary
2:00:51Producer note on impossibility of ebola contamination in hospital tube system; Thom Hartmann nurse (un)readiness interview; debunking Republican ebola conspiracy theories
2:08:26Nieman Journalism Lab pushing native advertising: “you might think that the public would resent this trick but there’s no evidence to suggest they do”; “paid for and posted by Dell”
2:16:28Donation Segment
2:29:22Five-year-old “pop the pig” advertisement clip
2:30:03Hunter Biden cocaine scandal, Joe: “we have a lot of bad judgment in our family”
2:38:13Home Secretary Theresa May: “the collection of bulk data is not mass surveillance”; Russell Brand a distraction; Comey on CALEA — surveillance for lazy law enforcement — “encryption threatens to lead us all to a very very dark place”, “bad guys don’t back up their phones routinely”; “we want to use the front door with clarity and transparency”; Zuckerberg IMs: “they trust me, dumb fucks”