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660 Clog the Pipes (2014-10-12)

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0:00:00ACC: “What’s the worst that can happen for making these choices?”
0:00:33ACC growing a beard; Ms. Micky “if at first you don’t succeed try doing it the way your wife told you” tweet; dinner with producer Mark, February trip to Panama
0:05:38“Award-winning writer and television producer” Terry Spencer Hesser Indiegogo-funded Fethullah Gülen documentary Love is a Verb, “self-imposed exile”, Sufism; post-9/11 Islam portrayal; Gülen-funded Niagara Foundation; Emmy nominations; Gülen’s “monkish” life
0:25:20Sarah Silverman on “$500k vagina tax”; women’s rights in Middle East, then & now; Satya Nadella on women asking for raises; Naomi Klein taking No Agenda positions; no outrage directed at NFL; AAUW trusted because it’s an NGO; State of the Union $.77 meme; Milton Friedman on equal pay laws as apartheid, “reducing to zero the cost imposed on people who are discriminating for irrelevant reasons”; negative income tax
0:47:04Obama’s Creating Opportunities for Millennials program, AAUW vs Independent Women’s Forum on Paycheck Fairness Act: victory for trial lawyers, new 7% pay gap number; AAUW’s $119M, $11M in Lighthouse fund, lost money on fundraising
1:07:25Producer Segment
1:24:43Question on lack of Côte d’Ivoire ebola spillover; WHO’s Aileen Marty on the “bluetooth” handshake: “it would be great to switch from the handshake into something that is going to reduce all kinds of infectious diseases”; “no one knows how it got to Guinea”, ACC: “whenever there’s bushmeat I’m right at the front of the line”, “bat bushmeat restaurant”; Russians have three vaccines; Psaki on airline policy: “I’m sorry, do you have a question?”; ACC’s grocery shopping ebola suit, USAID crowdsourcing PPE design; Nina Pham breaking news
1:47:26Texas ISIS arrests; Khorasan set up to be false flag scapegoat; recent arms sales to Saudi Arabia and UAE; Kurdish protests in Kobani, Gülen “blowjob documentary” connection
1:56:26Snowden documentary CITIZENFOUR, executive producers Stephen Soderbergh & PayPal’s Jeff Skoll; Skoll Foundation; Snowden’s pointless product recommendations
2:07:11Kerry at climate conference: “if they’re wrong: catastrophe; life as you know it one earth ends”, “yeah yeah yeah” guy agrees
2:11:55Donation Segment: Hilo airport outdoor baggage claim
2:26:48Tesla’s Jerome Guillen to reporter: “thank you for joining us”
2:27:51Westminster threatens to collect unpaid poll taxes in Scotland; upcoming Catalan referendum
2:32:51Fight for the Future e-mail on FCC deadline extension, Comcast’s “attempted internet takeover”; Obama: “we don’t want to lose that or clog up the pipes”, on FCC’s Tom Wheeler: “now that he’s there I can’t just call him up and tell him exactly what to do”
2:50:14Tech news: four-year-old clip on dungeon crawl game
2:51:32Haiti: Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, girlfriend Petra Němcová’s Happy Hearts Fund; development pushing people out of Port-au-Prince; electoral rules change; Kerry: we have a deep interest in the United States in helping to continue down this road of both democracy and economic growth and development“; Lamothe: ”98% of the population has been relocated“; Němcová a spy?
3:10:58Chimp personhood issue in New York appeals court
3:13:26Upcoming US and UK bank collapse simulation