Call Clooney!

65 The Dead Bee Conspiracy (2009-01-10)

Show 65 album art
0:00:00“Swimming upstream in a river of mainstream diarrhea”, JCD’s 1997 Zagat guide, JCD Buzz-Kill, Las Vegas CES, ASCAP/BMI agents prowling around like IRS, hairdresser radio lawsuit; Financial Times on 2008 UK music sales, old gold records made from masters
0:10:16Freezing in UK, Elfstedentocht 11-city canal skating race; “paperless office” and “paperless toilet”; Washington storms and flooding, snowy football game fun; British Royal Marine beach landing video with soldiers faceplanting in mud
0:15:03ACC invited to meet Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace reception for relaunch, no royal calligrapher for fill-in-the-blank name, RSVP e-mails, no cell phone photography, JCD blog terms of service; JCD notes passing antique train cars, Southern Pacific historic steam train showing up unannounced by media; Queen’s speech podcast, ACC contemplates wearing a wire, Tower of London, JCD: “they’re gonna walk you through a metal detector … and they’re gonna pat you down”, “MI” parking label and entry card, directions to Buckingham Palace
0:24:20Show 44 sound woes, “although we did pick up a whole bunch of listeners in the Middle East”
0:25:35“UFO with tentacles” hitting wind turbine, NASA “mystery roar” from space, JCD: Obama’s a fractal of Kennedy“, climate change warning from ET; Obama cynicism in UK
0:29:26$173M in checks in Bernie Madoff’s desk drawer; ACC predicts Citigroup collapse after former Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin’s departure, Goldman Sachs before Clinton; ACC to blue collar guys: “I’m involved in propaganda”, admission of apathy, throwing shoes at Israeli embassy, riots in Oakland and Athens
0:36:40ACC’s new home internet, Patricia’s mail locked down to BT SMTP, phone metadata collection beginning in March; JCD story: 1990s Interpol phone tracking presentation
0:39:55Condy & Hillary MIA; Bobbi Eden interested in podcasting; “post-crisis regulatory framework” meeting in Basel, Financial Times on Tony Blair and “New Financial Order”, Blair Medal of Honor from Bush 43, silly designs; German banker Adolf Merkel suicide; Condoleezza Rice signs partnership charter with Georgia; Russia-Ukraine gas dispute; virtues of coal fireplaces vs British regulation, JCD on London fog shirt-changing and clean coal, mercury in coal and compact fluorescents
0:54:03Unemployment figures no longer including those who have given up; JCD’s long-lived auto-shutdown incandescent bulbs, Al Gore TED talk: “we must not change the lightbulb, we need to change the laws”; Dutch CFL labeling, toxic waste dumping off Somali shore, Somali pirate *Waterworld“, ACC: ”where’s Steven Spielberg“, UN armada, JCD on Cape of Good Hope
baboon encounter, ACC & Patricia headed to South Africa, JCD eating exotic critters in Capetown, YouTube Coke + pork = worms
1:11:18Phil Spector mistrial; John Lennon and Pim Fortuyn killings, Sirhan Sirhan’s .22
1:14:36Honeybees displacing native bees, ACC theory: GMO monocultures, JCD theory: Monsanto self-pollinating bee-poisoning crops, ACC: “you are now officially ruining the show”; dead California pelicans falling out of the sky, DDT ban, Rumsfeld aspartame connection, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack a Monsanto shill; ACC on Martha Stewart hate; Blagojevich impeachment; SEC warned about Madoff in 1999; Davos World Economic Forum
1:30:52Possible delay in digital TV transition, old ladies calling stations, 1-800-CALL-FEMA, increase in religious stations, do’s and dont’s of classical music radio stations
1:44:55Outro: ACC takes a call from “Bob”