Call Clooney!

658 It’s a Glitch! (2014-10-05)

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0:00:00JCD: “Ah, you’ve gotta have a positive attitude!” (1:28:04)
0:00:35NBC guy Skyping from ebola quarantine; United 998 at Newark airport waiting for CDC; Belgian accidental polio release; National Center for Medical Intelligence at Fort Detrick; Farrakhan: “designed by white scientists specifically to kill off blacks”; “together with global climate change things are changing in the virus world”; global healthcare system meme, corpse on street comes to life; Erin Burnett: CNN calling the shots; Dallas hospital quarantine fail due to “records glitch”; Ms. Micky’s “no entry” cross-out; WHO fact sheet, Clooney’s malaria; Deloitte ebola vaccine, corpse-eating dogs, vaccine & ZMapp patents; melatonin article
0:29:48SnoopWall guy on flashlight app malware, ACC: “honey, can I have the flashlight, I want to do some work”; China, India, Russia implicated
0:35:31Upcoming Harrison Bergeron film 2081, Elizabeth Koch executive producer
0:37:10Explanation of Sir Upper Decker’s title as toilet tank prank, metallic sodium flush prank
0:41:11Red Book: ebola homeless round-up; quarantinable disease Executive Order, Lisbon Treaty
0:45:18Producer Segment: Obama Porky Pig “that’s how we roll” jingle
0:59:04Broadcast Board of Governors on Smith-Mundt changes, $700M annual budget, strategic plans “marrying the mission to the market”, “close coordination with the State Department”; to hire former NBC News president Andrew Lack as CEO
1:14:50CBC “Too Dumb for Democracy” on Duke University study on will manipulation in elections, “gray” and “Florida” slowdown effect; examples in Common Core testing; “positive thinking”, JCD on smiling hippies and his mother, JCD: “I’ve got to get to Long’s Drugs and get some toilet paper because the Chinese are buying it up
1:30:05White House “Great Recession” capitalization; Obama potential resignation over pervasive racism or failed Presidency; Biden at Harvard: “isn’t it a bitch?”, Joplin “161 thousand” lost
1:38:28ACC’s new health insurance, JCD on open enrollment; Obama: “premiums have gone up at the slowest rate in fifty years”; JCD’s doctor on hepatitis vaccine
1:44:33Fred Kagan on News Hour; fire caused by burning deer carcass
1:47:25Kidnapped Muslim Peter Kassig’s parents’ identical pleas,, Sphere Project, International Council of Voluntary Agencies in Geneva, Epworth United Methodist Church; boring Cantlie second video; Alan Henning beheading, Kasim Jameel: “I’m absolutely heartbroken”, Aid for Syria Convoy events hosting radical preachers, anti-Semitic Facebook profile; White House statement on beheading; NPR on Khorasan Group as “core al-Qaeda”, Kirby: “the notion that we would just y’know make them up … is just absolutely ridiculous”, “in fact, two intelligence officials confirmed to NPR …”, JCD “yah yah yah” guy skit
2:08:24Anbar Province, Iraq-Jordan pipeline, Amos Hochstein on Israel-Jordan gas deal, Noble Energy, energy as “tool for cooperation”, teams “on the ground” in Ukraine; European Energy Union, 2009 Russian Ukraine gas shutoff, “destination clause”, Israel as “energy superpower”
2:25:44Donation Segment: Universal Audio kit project; writing regimens
2:42:03Sarkozy allies charged in “Bygmalion affair”; Mexican police corruption and missing students; Furguson success for Democrats; Hillary staffer on gerrymandering
2:48:36The Examiner article on DHS corruption cases, plea deals and light sentences
2:52:22New model quickly links weather to global warming; Optimum Cable “sun outage” predictions
2:57:46Jean-Claude Duvalier dead; smart shopping carts; high school quarterback swap
3:02:31David Cameron: “this is who we resent” (CotD)