Call Clooney!

656 Gap Focused Thinking (2014-09-28)

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0:00:00JCD: “There’s some good crap going on that you weren’t paying any attention to, apparently.” (2:50:20)
0:00:35JCD on How to Get Away With Murder sex; JCD’s “Pakis” in 655, Koranic album art sacrilege
0:08:01ACC drinking vs loneliness experiment, Dutch tabloid Photoshop divorce story
0:16:00The Matt & Marie Show: the Matt Lee birthday special, “anyways, happy birthday Matt”
0:20:03Holder resignation in the wake of White House fence jumper; Al Sharpton gushes over Holder’s accomplishments, “shock and disappointment” at Pelosi’s announcement; “right side of history” meme; proxy for Obama race card: “he is arguably the most second powerful person in the history of American politics”; Al Jazeera on failure to prosecute bankers; funereal resignation ceremony, Holder’s wife an “obie-gynie”
0:38:20Fukushima certified as not contaminating Pacific Ocean; Kerry’s Mother Nature screaming redux; tech news on mixed oxide breeder reactor fuel
0:45:02Pervasive “Homeland” meme; James Comey prosecutor in Martha Stewart case; iOS and Android encryption; cyber and “vector changes”, quiet phrase-ending “right?” tell, “doughnut of smart thinking, of creative thinking, of gap-focused thinking”; “I have taken the intelligence directorate out from under the national security branch”
1:03:30Comey: “when someone says isn’t it terrible the government wants to break encryption on the internet — no it’s not!”; Eric Velez-Villar and Intelligence Czar Maureen “Mo” Baginski; “I believe the most effective security is that which enhances liberty”
1:14:26Producer Segment: “adios, mofo” from Rick Perry in 2005
1:31:43Sarah Palin at Values Voter Summit on “1400 Pennsylvania Avenue” — drunk or not drunk?
1:37:43Obama podcast on ISIL strikes, “Russian aggression”, “right side of history” meme, “the growing threat of climate change before it’s too late”
1:46:48House of Commons on ISIL; George Galloway: “ISIL itself is an imaginary army”, women buried alive meme, “deliberate sectarianization of Iraqi politics by the occupation authorities”; to Jackie Smith: “you killed a million people in Iraq”; getting American tanks away from ISIL
1:58:24Holly Williams butt shots on Turkish border; Vice interview with Canadian “jihadi”, JCD: “you would never rip up an American passport”, “upwards of ten, fifteen thousand” foreign fighters; pussification of the American male, “generation wuss”
2:10:45Don Lemon on Oklahoma beheading: “so let’s talk about beheadings, shall we?”, “this ISIS style of killing may not be a coincidence”, “they are just starting to follow the threads”
2:17:26Chicago ground stop: Scorpion on “fourth option” shoot-downs, JCD: “are you gonna go over the ocean like a good boy and get shot down?”; subcontractors are bad meme; three-camera news conference; Six-Week Cycle, Pennsylvania manhunt status report
2:33:18ACC birthday video: “tonight we’re rocking for Greenpeace!”
2:35:17Donation Segment: possible Schiphol Wi-Fi redundancy
2:45:00FBI reports zero 2012 homicides for Newtown; Sandy Hook home schooling recommendation
2:50:15Ronan Farrow Tiësto interview at Global Citizen Festival
2:54:05Planet Money’s Zoe Chace on raising money for ebola vs $1.4bn for Haiti; “/i.ˈbo̰ː.la̰/ is horrible, it is scary and wretched and miserable”; CDC 1.4M infections number, “worst, worst case scenario”; call Clooney, or Tiësto
3:03:42Germany to legalize incest; F-bomb on How to Get Away with Murder
3:06:30Homework assignment: Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s Harrison Bergeron; sport version of the Lada