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655 Network of Death (2014-09-25)

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0:00:00ACC: groaning laughter (1:45:06)
0:00:30Rain in California, ACC back from San Francisco
0:01:47Josh Earnest on White House security breaches; National Examiner “Hillary’s Gay Crisis” headline; Secret Service Belgian Malinois dogs; Smith-Mundt repeal; antibiotics hearing
0:10:10Dublin beef jerky; outliers in the global intelligence network, human brain filling media gaps; Raytheon missile, F-22 videos, lone white pickup truck being blown up; EU buying ISIL oil
0:23:00Glenn Beck fear porn, Leo Laporte TWiT question, (re)definition of “imminent threat”; Algeria hiker beheading video, JCD: “can’t these guys go buy a machete at least?”, two subliminal frames in fade to black, blurred screen periphery; San Diego, El Paso terror alerts, “al-Bagaddi”; Feinstein & Kerry coughing “tell”, “and her head is gone”
0:40:17Brolf & Amanpour split screen on same location, Giuliani on lone wolves, ISIS vs al-Qaeda intel; Amanpour Kerry interview anti-Islam meme, “lots of people on the ground already”
0:52:00Khorasan Wikipedia page created September 21, Kerry: “we didn’t put a lot of public focus on it because we really didn’t want people partic… we didn’t want them to know”, “this will take time”, “we didn’t have the same kind of legality to go do chemical weapons that we do now have”, Resolution 2178; Cameron: “the peddling of lines, that 9/11 was somehow a Jewish plot”; spokeshole Kirby: “that could take years”; Bill O’Reilly on mercenary army
1:15:39Obama A-Team jingle, “network of death”, “it is one of the tasks of all great religions to accommodate, devote faith, with a modern multicultural world”, Arab-Israeli conflict, “contesting the space that terrorist occupy, including the internet and social media”; Thom Hartmann “the stuff that you don’t know you don’t know”; Morell confuses Saddam and Assad, Lieberman: “there’s no reason why we can’t selectively use that air power against Assad”
1:32:42Producer Segment
1:43:56Jeanine “missing pages” Pirro fear porn: “tonight America faces the single biggest threat in her more than 200-year history”, “bomb them, bomb them, keep bombing them, bomb them again and again”; Haitian pontoon trucks; Tsarnaev trial delay; Pirro: “batten down the hatches” (CotD), JCD: “buy seeds!”; asymmetric warfare, Assad endgame
2:06:59White House fact sheet on law enforcement and “Homeland” Security tools; “porous borders” meme, “domestic vigilance” Brownshirts, ACC grocery store “Allahu akbar” plan
2:11:04Nova “Rise of the Hackers”: “they destroyed his digital life”, “ultra-paranoid computing”
2:22:26Obama to UN: “urgent and growing threat of a changing climate”
2:23:36New CBS show Scorpion control tower blackout scenario; “runaway hit” predicted by insider
2:29:53Sprint iPhone glass breaking advertisement
2:31:10New York climate march, bearded DiCaprio: “I play fictitious characters, often solving fictitious problems”; Kerry: “you can just wake up pretty much any day and listen to Mother Nature, who is screaming at us about it”; CultureStrike MKULTRA butterflies, Robert F. Kenendy Jr. on Koch brothers, badgered by interviewer
2:49:10BBC vs Indian media on el cheapo Mars mission
2:51:04Donation Segment: disgruntlement at No Agenda World Cup prediction fail
3:02:41iPhone 6 post on Joan Rivers’ Facebook page
3:04:04Ebola: IMF moving in; Ebola-Chan hoax
3:05:43Six-day cycle; Paula Dean apology rounds; Google censorship policy video
3:12:42Aging natural gas infrastructure hit piece on NBC; JCD compares with L.A. police shootings