Call Clooney!

654 Q-Burn (2014-09-21)

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0:00:00ACC: “It’s the same outfit, it’s the same costumes!” (2:24:04)
0:00:32ACC in San Francisco, both hosts in the same FEMA region; ACC’s FreedomPop device; PodShow reunion and dinner; Smith-Mundt
0:11:11Involuntary Social Network Disorder; GamerGate; 2011 Occupy “progressive stack” “Step Up/Step Back”; Zbigniew Brzezinski: “I see terrible things happening to reduce the population of this earth”; WALL·E as a message from Steve Jobs; Union Square “selfie central”; birthday penis cake; LiveJournal/Myspace transition; old iPhoto monolithic storage format
0:31:52Producer Segment: ACC power outage DJ session, “cue burn”
0:43:43Scotland “no” vote: listener on Cameron win-win to get Labour out of power; Farage assassination attempts; margins of error in count, “yes” votes in the “no” pile
0:53:17Kim Dotcom “Moment of Truth” New Zealand conference with Assange and Snowden, Greenwald: “the journalist in me will never die”; Dotcom lost the Maori Mana Party their only parliamentary seat, ACC: “if you want to change something you gotta assassinate some people, this is not gonna help!”
1:04:12JCD working on NFL wife-punching theory, football players bullies in high school; ACC’s cheerleader girlfriend now dead of cancer; BART prohibition orders and domestic violence; Mimi “some women need to be hit” quote; months-old tape hits on anniversary of Violence Against Women Act reauthorization, ACC: “here is the meme I’m looking for: Republicans are wife beaters”; Ms. Micky wants a Glock
1:14:43JCD’s substitutions: “weird becomes strange-balls”; Meet the Press “new moderator” Chuck Todd called “John” by Mike Mullen, two-table redesign, control room vs Chuck
1:22:23Naomi Klein “five times more carbon” callback, Carbon Tracker Initiative’s 50-year carbon budget; OMB director at Center for American Progress: “climate denial will cost us billions and billions of dollars”, “climate solutions”; People’s Climate March,, &, Disruption movie premier, ACC: “these people are rolling in dough!”, Van Jones;; “social media experts”;, The POOP Project, JCD: “if you leave it in there long enough it’ll finally digest itself!”; farting cow student video; No Agenda “Racing for the Green” proposal
1:54:37Donation Segment
2:05:12Oktoberfest begins in September
2:07:43Caliphate: Kerry playing President at Security Council, responding to Bahrain’s Foreign Minister: “thank you for the important … eh … uh … list of commitments”; “it is so decided”, Iran to be a player, “decimating and discrediting”; New York on high alert due to “chatter”; On the Media on ISIS vs ISIL; French air strikes by Rafale jets as marketing; Turkish drama trailer with beheading scene at 0:33; Foley collaborator John Cantlie video
2:34:15“Big news from OxiClean!”
2:35:36Alan Dershowitz on Constitution: “I don’t think we have to compromise our rights, I think we have to adapt them to the new realities”, learning about “dead baby strategy” from Israel, “targeted killing is so much better than untargeted killing!”
2:44:5260k Syrian Kurds fleeing into Turkey, walking “maybe five or ten kilometers”
2:47:50Tech news: still waiting in line for iPhones; Netflix under pressure to ban VPNs; Iranian cyber police; CBIT’s Fred Campbell on deliberate Netflix slowdown
2:54:41Power-sharing deal for Afghan election