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653 Evil Layer Cake (2014-09-18)

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0:00:00Obama: “And that’s the story.”
0:00:30Five-hour delay due to JCD power outage
0:02:19Podcast award trophies from Sir Patrick; Smith-Mundt Modernization Act
0:06:11ACC on loneliness, air conditioner malfunction
0:08:42Scottish vote outcome expected tomorrow; anniversary of Mukden Incident in China; message from the Queen, “freedom!”, “markets will be roiled, the alliance with the US damaged”
0:17:23Six-Week Cycle: Eric Frein manhunt, “their warning: Frein may now actually believe he’s a soldier in combat”, police: “Eric, we are coming for you”, “police barracks”; Richard Mack to Thom Hartmann on county sheriffs as supreme law enforcement; bilingual Global Entry card
0:32:10Comey on “core al-Qaeda tumor”, “metastasis”, cyber “evil layer cake”; Mufid Elfgeeh charged with attempts to aid ISIL, Times Square security step-up “no specific plot”; Holder on “local engagement” pilot programs; ISIL-rebranded Inspire magazine, “jihad cool”; CNN: “ISIS propaganda out of Syria and Iraq juiced up on steroids”, “the so-called lone wolves, and planes”; Obama at military base on ISIS: think of the children, Liberia “air bridge”, military vaccine guinea pigs, “and that’s the story”, “if there’s a need for a rescue mission … it calls on America”
1:04:40ISIL code: “peanut butter and jelly” = “jihad”; JCD on FBI cases: “what are you doing today means let’s kill all Americans”; Peter King: “ISIS has thousands who can come to the United States”; Mossad “Israeli Secret Intelligance Service”, or ISIS; Psaki: Foley beheading “helped”; McCain vs Dempsey on Syrian opposition; helping Sunnis here, Shias there
1:22:57Producer Segment
1:35:16More iFluenza naming proposals; phantom vibration syndrome; Tim Cook: “we’ve added more and more con to it, or content to it”, iOS 8 end-to-end encryption
1:42:11Kid left behind on school field trip, “they should have done a body count before leaving”
1:43:36Ebola immunity after recovery, “if I went to the Dominican Repub… Democratic Republic of Congo”; Obama: “it’s not a mystery, we know the science”, “we can’t dawdle on this one”; “a top national security priority”; American Enterprise Institute neocon on ebola in US, “we need to be pulsing resources into other nations there as well”, Cheney on AEI board
1:57:15Guess the TV Show: Dragnet
1:59:40Joni Ernst “castrating hogs” political advertisement; Charlie Rose Starbucks native ad
2:02:05Naomi Klein’s new book This Changes Everything; DiCaprio’s UN position vs Clooney, no one attending climate summit; Klein on fossil fuel companies “willing to dig up five times more carbon than our atmosphere can absorb”; Amy Goodman Truthdig op-ed; Neil deGrasse Tyson Wikipedia made-up quote cleanup
2:12:57Amsterdam tomato fight sponsored by Siemens
2:16:05Über recruiting veterans, Robert Gates Chairman of the UberMILITARY board
2:20:45Donation Segment
2:30:35Miss America 2014: winner New York, rehearsed answers on a 20-second clock, 2nd Amendment question prompter flub; The Real show “skanks”, “this is like Jesus sent this to the black people”; TSA run-in over Chanel Bleu cologne
2:54:45Common Core: ClassDojo app, “thought partners”
2:59:37Bill Maher blames Fox News for polarization, JCD: “when did the John Birch Society come to your door every year?”; Rachel Maddow on Flames of War trailer: “it is disturbing because it’s a propaganda video”