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652 After Spin Class (2014-09-14)

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0:00:00ACC: “Are… do you subscribe to Out Magazine?” (2:29:26)
0:00:31The No Agenda weather report; “caused by measles” redux; global cooling at the Constitutional lawyer’s wife’s retirement party, upcoming unlawful content dinner
0:03:50American sentenced to six years hard labor in North Korea by request
0:07:01Obama “highest priority” medley, Presidential duty list, Randy Tobin
0:12:29Carney’s “the threat prosed by ISIS”; Josh Earnest: “ISIL forces wreaking havoc in this already volatile part of the world”; Buck McKeon “soldiers on the ground”; Reid on Title 10 spending to “train and equip rubbles”; four-President Iraq medley; ISIL headless like Anonymous
0:26:02The Matt & Marie Show: “why do you always focus on what people say they won’t do instead of the plethora of things they said they will do?”; “everything does happen in real time, Marie”
0:30:11Foley’s mother on ransom money prosecution threat, Kerry denial, ignored by feminists
0:34:00Kerry in Egypt working on Sisi, coalition to fight ISIL worldwide; “degrade” vs “wage war”; Matthew Olsen: HVE “homegrown violent extremist”; Obama generalissimo photo
0:40:27David Haines beheading: knife sound effects, Handicap International USAID connection, Nonviolent Peaceforce, ACTED UNFPA connection; Dan Rather: “I say in my own mind, are we certain that they have actually beheaded those people?”, Jeff Greenfield: “they can sneak across the border and spread ebolavirus”, Rather invokes Hitler, JCD: “the only people who are in the big leagues with social networking are, is us!”; Susan Rice’s “IZLE”; Rather’s George W. Bush superscript “th” letter scandal; David Henning up next; proposals to suspend visa waiver policy; De Telegraaf on polder jihadis in top positions; JCD Carlsbad Cavern photo story
1:11:29Producer Segment: Consumer Reports Mac & Cheese recipe
1:31:07More tech illness naming proposals, “iFluenza”; solar flare scare man on the street interview: “you might even see a disruption to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram” (CotD); Steve Jobs as “low tech parent”, the Apple religion, events as mega-church services, Kimberly Guilfoyle’s “big convert” line, idolatry, the TWiT acolytes; changing attitudes on phones in restaurants; ACC’s selfie on Facebook; post spin class phone flurry
2:00:36Israeli moon bases from Show 141
2:04:25Scottish vote: “because most of the mainstream commercial media would be against independence”, unexplained French opposition to EU membership
2:12:10Juncker shill Jonathan Hill to head capital markets union; Hollande in Baghdad, music bed under European news stories
2:15:51Missing 9/11 28 pages on News Hour; Patriot Day, National Day of Service and Remembrance; pages said to implicate Saudi officials; Bush, Clinton, Cheney interviews also unreleased; hit piece on Saudi Arabia, 20-minute Al Jazeera Dreamliner “dark side” hit piece; French hit piece on Germany’s “shameful role” in Namibia colonization
2:21:41Donation Segment
2:29:16Out Magazine to “shock the world”, Michelle Obama: “giant step for the LGBT community”
2:31:19Meteorologist in football store: “they’ve got cups, they have keychains …”; lanyards
2:35:29Media not following Obama’s use of ISIL, sticking with ISIS
2:37:26Today Show on “taboo” social media women’s body comments; ACC recommends The End of Absence
2:43:23No Agenda Tourette’s Club new member, heel rotation and neck cracking
2:46:07Francis Taylor on four groups of cyber-terrorists: spies, organized crime, terrorists, hacktivists