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651 Plague Grenade (2014-09-11)

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0:00:00JCD: “Bayonets, one dollar.” (2:43:32)
0:00:31ACC sick after Amsterdam return; Schiphol opt-out; customs chin-cam kiosk; Panama trip
0:14:15Apple event: Eddy Cue the pink-shirted mobster; ACC: “enough with the U2 already”; Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle: “Apples are fun, and tasty, and good devices”, “big convert”; Blackberry tablet requiring phone panned by media, JCD: “only Apple would be such a genius to think of such a thing!”; ACC observing iFluenza sufferers, Tesla blood alcohol level endgame; ditzy-sounding Guilfoyle former Assistant District Attorney
0:29:57ACC’s Delta free economy comfort upgrade story internet slowdown, giving Comcast what it wants, EFF and porn sites all-in; illegal “forbidden by law” vs unlawful “not authorized by law” network traffic; Democracy Now: “we don’t want to crash the FCC website today”, slow lane meme replacing fast lane; ham radio “free speech” under FCC regulation
0:54:36Producer Segment
1:06:18MH17 preliminary report released, De Telegraaf “Russians shot” headline, “explosive event” outside aircraft
1:09:58Erin Burnett’s 94% of Americans who have seen beheading video; Obama’s primetime speech: “force women into marriage”, Roosevelt the last President to use modern technology, Obama unable to chew gum and read prompter at the same time, post-speech analysis on “fusion cells”; H.R.5408 Terrorist Denaturalization and Passport Revocation Act
1:30:27Jay Carney’s new CNN analyst position, The McCain-Carney Show, Newt Gingrich: “this speech is closer to a George W. Bush speech”, Donna Brazile: “hopefully Congress will pick up the phone and say, Mr. President, we’re wit’ choo”, insiders use “ISIL”; Dutch excluded from coalition; Pooper and Tapper mocking “advisors”; Brazile short circuit, Carol CNN: “it’s just kinda weird”; “the President will outline a three-phase campaign to destroy ISIS during his speech tomorrow”, phony 65% popular support number; McCain on ISIS “Twitter traffic”; Gloria Borger: “this isn’t just going to be drop a few bombs and that’s it”; NPR: Toyota “a favorite of rebels and militias the world over”; cost of patriot vs Hellfire missiles; Feinstein on Iran’s involvement, Wes Clark on threat to Saudi Arabia; bio agent Laptop of Doom redux
1:54:41Tech sickness naming proposals; 11% of workers to be replaced by robots
1:57:21Caspar Milquetoast Chuck Todd Obama interview: “our inbox gets pretty high”, denied golf proposals, Todd analysis: “optics”, “compartmentalize”
2:15:10Donation Segment: 60th birthday party not a good idea
2:31:17Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth WTC 7 Times Square billboard
2:32:54“Weird” Tide commercial: “makes this puberty thing easier on all of us”
2:34:33Senate Joint Resolution 19
2:39:209/11 “if you see something say something” sound clip from Chicago Metra
2:40:31Rand Paul on police militarization: “what purpose are bayonets being given out for?”, “I can give you a reason: none”; equipment not to be used for riot suppression; Six-Week Cycle replaced by six-day cycle; Koskinen: “yes, wherever we can we follow the law”
2:48:53Megyn Kelly on ISIS recruiter “the guy that we interview… the FBI interviewed”
2:51:31Performatives Professor James Pennebaker on similarity of function word usage predicting compatibility, relative status: use of “I” inversely correlated with status
2:58:16Frontline on Sierra Leone ebola hoax meme; military involvement to rescue African economies