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650 Summer of Blood (2014-09-07)

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0:00:00ACC: “C’mon we’ve seen this, the most sophisticated terrorist group we’ve ever seen!” (2:45:02)
0:00:34ACC’s last Amsterdam show, JCD’s harmonica Happy Birthday, repertoire recommendations
0:04:20Ebola “apocalyptic quotes” listicle; Sanjay Gupta: USAID’s Rajiv Shah “the new man in charge of the United States ebola response”: “at-scale response”, “increase of our investment”, “tamp this down”; escaping ebola patients; $600M price tag, ACC: “why doesn’t Bill Gates write a check?”, vaccine testing ground; WHO’s Margaret Chan on ebola 2.0
0:20:06New York City HPV promotion; study showing half of girls denied Gardasil by their fathers
0:25:55Note from Antonia on JCD’s misogyny, JCD: “there’s plenty of smart beautiful women, you know, if they put enough makeup on”; Michael Sam and NFL’s “nightmare situation” avoided, Charles Haley masturbating in team meetings
0:33:48The Fappening as violence toward women; unlawful content; Kate Bush no cell phones request
0:44:30ACC’s remote-viewing Tourette superpower
0:48:20BBC: “summer of blood as bad as anything in recent times”, “new world disorder”; NATO press conference with TSA slave fence, JCD: “there’s a ground loop on Obama”, “enslaving that many women”, “in the Fatah there their primary base was”
1:04:54Obama stumbling on Ukraine cease-fire, “the only reason that we’re seeing this ceasefire at the moment is because of both the sanctions … and the threat of further sanctions”; Poroshenko’s nervousness; Steven Cohen: “there’s no democracy in Kiev because it’s a wartime government”
1:15:32The Matt & Marie Show: NATO rapid defense force, “there is nothing confrontational about it”, “how can a defensive tool be threatening to Russia?”, ACC: “I hope they’re screwing”
1:20:23Producer Segment
1:27:49Robert Kagan WSJ warmongering op-ed “America’s Dangerous Aversion to Conflict”
1:34:28Stephen Cohen on MH17: “an agreement among the major powers not to tell us who did it, which suggests it wasn’t the rebels”, black box media blackout; Show 636 NEWFIP recap, article scrubbed; Obama’s “more flexibility” open mike; Frans Timmermans speaks Russian
1:54:16Jarl Mohn on NPR profitibility, “same number of units”, caught flat-footed by caller on pharma & Monsanto, podcasts vs NPR One platform; WPIX Whole Foods “bargain” native ad; Peach Pundit on media steered by PR companies
2:11:20The Intercept sending draft stories to CIA press officers; Cameron & Obama Times of London ISIS op-ed: “countries like Britain and America”; Biden filling in on podcast: “falling underwater on their homes”, mediocrity the American dream; drunk or not drunk moment: “we will follow them to the gates of Hell”
2:30:57Donation Segment
2:43:46Man on the street on ISIS threat; al-Baghdadi not planning anything for 9/11 to avoid competing with bin Laden, Don Lemon: “every one of us has to be on our toes”, Texas sheriff’s biggest concern: “well, the fact that they’re already here”
2:51:41Tech news: WSJ on Twitter timeline, CNN: “when the world is in conflict, Twitter takes center stage”, “unlawful use”, Twitter as ISIS recruitment platform; IKEA “book book” ad
3:02:02Gilead Sciences to sell discounted hepatitis C drug Sovaldi in developing countries
3:04:15Common Core: “they are quite comfortable thinking about their friend ten” (CotD)
3:10:50Al Sharpton mispronunciation medley
3:13:14Al-Qaeda India expansion; Dutch “jihad belt”; Texas ISIS flag arrest, ASSHAT rebranding
3:16:40Agenda 21: Disruption movie; Biden invokes religion; fake 2050 newscast